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CassiaCassia brings 20 years of experience in the finance industry to the Ratehub mortgage team. She spent the first 10 years of her career as a Financial Advisor with a Top 5 Bank, then moved on to become a Mortgage Agent 10 years ago. She supports the Calgary Office as a Team Lead, offering valuable insight and coaching to her fellow agents. Cassia is proud to be part of the largest and most successful mortgage brokerages in Canada, winning brokerage of the year 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021. Cassia has made CMP’s Top 75 broker list, which recognizes the top volume brokers in Canada. She prides herself on delivering optimum service and advice, making the mortgage process seamless from beginning to end for her clients. Reading Cassia’s customer Google reviews are a great reflection of the satisfaction her clients experience and level of service she provides.

  • Neal
    6 janvier 2021

    Fast, easy to deal with and found a great mortgage rate.

  • Neal
    6 janvier 2021

    Fast, easy to deal with and found a great mortgage rate.

  • Karen Greiter
    1 décembre 2020

    I have not heard back from her. Maybe she is on vacation. It’s all good. I received what I needed elsewhere.

  • Barry
    10 novembre 2020


  • Jason Van Oene
    1 novembre 2020

    Answered questions I had.

  • Chris Konig
    19 octobre 2020

    Decent response time to our inquiry but did not seem interested in our business.

  • Charanpreet Singh
    26 septembre 2020


  • Tyler Lynem
    26 août 2020

    Very friendly

  • Amina Ashraf
    24 août 2020

    very thorough

  • Chie gutierrez
    23 août 2020

    Thank you

  • Doyin
    9 août 2020

    While the rate offered seems reasonable, the response time isn't super fantastic. I am not dissatisfied but hoping we can get more feedback from the broker.

  • TM
    26 juin 2020


  • Irina Dimitrova-stancheva
    28 mai 2020

    Great experience

  • A G Scaffidi
    14 mai 2020

    prompt response

  • Roger W Loor
    12 mai 2020

    Made the process quick and easy. Waiting on finalization of the paper work.

  • Dushyant Puri
    3 avril 2020

    she was really good in assisting.

  • Jennifer Waugh
    4 mars 2020

    Cassia was extremely helpful in getting all the answers I needed! Very professional, fast service and help me make great financial decisions.

  • Richard Garcia
    18 janvier 2020

    Well inform very knowledgeable

  • Colin Gustafson
    16 janvier 2020

    Cassia does an amazing job. She gave me many options to complete my future deal. My best interests were definitely her priority.

  • Ashwin
    16 janvier 2020

    Responded to me quickly and answered all my questions.

  • Dana Rose Donaldson
    10 janvier 2020

    Timely response. Informative.

  • Michael Sangster
    27 décembre 2019

    Thank you

  • Varinder Kalsi
    4 décembre 2019


  • Joe Flamia
    22 novembre 2019

    Got in contact right away

  • Joseph Garilao
    21 novembre 2019

    Very helpful. Took my call right away. Gave great advice!

  • Helmut Isaak
    30 octobre 2019

    Very informative

  • Mona
    27 octobre 2019

    Great service!

  • Des Pavier
    16 octobre 2019

    Quick and consent communication. Also felt there was more transparency compared to previous experiences specifically around rates.

  • Barb
    15 octobre 2019

    Cassia was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

  • Matthew Beveridge
    2 octobre 2019

    She was friendly and understanding but our contact was limited as I found a better rate at a ther lender

  • Sainbileg Buudai
    2 octobre 2019

    Quick response

  • Michelle Bystrom
    29 septembre 2019

    They were very efficient and easy to work with.

  • Alexander
    21 septembre 2019

    Quick to respond and easy to deal with

  • Eric Cassidy
    10 septembre 2019

    Awesome response time and solutions I needed

  • Maria
    10 août 2019

    She responds promptly

  • Majak Mapiour
    17 juillet 2019

    Fast, honest, and professional

  • Jose Serra
    4 juin 2019

    Very quick response & answered my questions very clearly

  • Alex
    25 mai 2019

    Great Service!

  • Lora
    12 mai 2019

    Very nice to deal with

  • Cliff Johnson
    7 mai 2019

    Was quick to respond and helpful.

  • Richard Breault
    27 avril 2019

    Fast responses

  • Colette Gilbert
    24 avril 2019

    I shopped around for a mortgage rate and Cassia was helpful getting a competitive rate.

  • Andrea Braniff
    16 avril 2019

    Still in the process. Seems to be good, easy to deal with.

  • Andrea Braniff
    16 avril 2019

    Still in the process. Seems to be good, easy to deal with.

  • Neddal Assaf
    5 avril 2019

    Gr8 follow ups

  • Dianne
    5 avril 2019

    Very quick to respond

  • Srikiran Chakka
    2 avril 2019

    Good work.. very quick to comeback

  • Michael
    30 mars 2019

    Was very informative

  • Anthony Tuininga
    2 mars 2019

    Responsive, professional, excellent experience so far.

  • Amanda Welder
    26 février 2019

    Very responsive, answered all my questions quickly and effectively. It was very difficult to say no to the offer she gave us.

  • Andrew Lera
    23 février 2019

    Cassia provided excellent information and advice!

  • Babs
    17 février 2019


  • Jordy Beckett
    17 février 2019

    I was surprised at how quickly I was contacted after submitting my application. Chassis was very helpful and got me a preapproval the next day. Very impressed with the service so far.

  • Jessie Klein
    17 février 2019

    Was in contact quickly. Answered questions promptly. Didn’t follow up when application was sent in to say that it was received. Didn’t provide the best rate initially.

  • Matthew Davis
    22 janvier 2019

    Very fast responses- something very valued.

  • Julian
    16 janvier 2019

    Fast response and good rate

  • John Olson
    20 décembre 2018

    Cassia was quick to respond, friendly and very knowledgeable. She was easily able to answer all the questions I had over the phone, and she promptly followed up via email to some other questions I sent her after we spoke. It was a great experience overall.

  • Kiesha Nero
    14 novembre 2018

    Very helpful and friendly

  • Christopher Sierra
    9 novembre 2018

    Fast response

  • Mathilde
    29 octobre 2018

    Super reactive agent and company!

  • Amarjit Jhinjar
    27 octobre 2018

    Gave me right me advise.

  • Min Jung
    10 octobre 2018

    Answered my question promplty

  • Shawn Duguid
    2 octobre 2018

    Thanks for your help, prompt and professional

  • Justine Redel
    4 septembre 2018

    Contacted me within less than 24 hrs

  • Saam Bandari
    21 juillet 2018

    Quick to get back to me and very accessible

  • Luis Rojas
    19 juin 2018

    quick response

  • Elenita
    8 juin 2018

    Didn’t get a chance to connect at agreed time, and so I moved on to deal with a different broker.

  • Gerry Valois
    26 mai 2018

    repeat of questions

  • Andrew Pohl
    13 mai 2018

    I’m still waiting to hear more information on the proposed mortgage renewal.

  • Marielee Reddekop
    5 mai 2018

    Quick replies and great rate!

  • Lauren Yuen
    29 avril 2018

    Clear and helpful!

  • Lucian Poama
    20 avril 2018


  • Logan Gansauge
    20 avril 2018

    Was helpful and not pushy.

  • Kyle Knowles
    16 avril 2018

    contacted me right a way

  • Ronald Bernal
    15 avril 2018

    Very courteous

  • Hem Pandey
    15 avril 2018

    I found this site is most informative and updated.I suggest everyone to read this site if they are going to take mortgage.It is so useful site.

  • Cinzia
    15 avril 2018

    Sound advice. Knows her stuff.

  • Abdul Azizi
    26 mars 2018

    Absolutely satisfied with her professionalism manner and finding a solution for my need.

  • Michael
    25 mars 2018

    Cassia Miller emailed me once requesting some info on my current mortgage. She did not respond to my email with the requested information, when I inquired if she received my email I received rates and options that were the opposite of what I specified in my email to Cassia Miller. Rates were also higher than what was posted on ratehub.ca and we're comparable to other brokerages. I would not recommend Cassia Miller or ratehub.ca.

  • Renuka
    18 mars 2018

    My only suggestion is that on the website, it should be clarified that the rates are not applicable for rental properties.

  • Moheb Habashy
    15 mars 2018

    she answered all my questions in a timely manner, she never followed up afterwards

  • Wade Weaver
    11 mars 2018

    very informative, answered everything I needed

  • Teng
    4 mars 2018


  • Sheldon
    3 mars 2018

    Great to deal with

  • Peter Chrapko
    17 février 2018

    Very helpful and she has earned my business!

  • Jodie Wachs
    4 février 2018

    Cassia was super prompt getting back to me. She answered all my questions and was very helpful

  • Amanda
    1 février 2018

    Very helpful

  • Patrick Umaming
    25 janvier 2018

    Very accumodating and explains everything in details properly.

  • Giselle
    24 janvier 2018

    Good quick reply

  • Ashleigh Ronald
    16 janvier 2018

    Prompt communication, and very knowledgeable broker.

  • Amanda Shehata-macdonald
    15 janvier 2018

    She was good, just not what we needed

  • Matt Cilliers
    6 janvier 2018

    Great experience

  • Rebecca
    4 janvier 2018


  • Jenna Pavlik
    23 décembre 2017

    Cassia was very friendly and knowledgeable when answering my questions. I would definitely work with her again in the future.

  • Timur Ismagilov
    30 novembre 2017

    My mortgage broker is Christie Romeril with CanWise Financial.

  • Ghamdan Khalil
    21 novembre 2017

    The broker didn't follow up with our request after she promised to get a confirmed interest rate once we have a possession date. Sent an email after talking to her over the phone, but we never heard back from her.

  • Nicole Nesdoly
    10 novembre 2017

    Got back quickly aslex appropriate question

  • Jaclyn C
    10 novembre 2017

    very friendly, kind and concise - just what I wanted. Unfortunately, the rates that were discussed over the phone weren't what is publicly advertised on the internet, so another provider that is not in the ratehub search is better for me.

  • Heather Mcintyre
    10 novembre 2017

    Honest advice - I just wish we could get a lower interest rate! Thanks!

  • Byron
    2 novembre 2017

    Very nice

  • Harsh Kumar
    2 novembre 2017

    Agent was really good and very informative.

  • Dustin Schatz
    29 octobre 2017

    Even though I was not able to lock up a mortgage with Cassia, she was extremely helpful and wise. She took the time out of her days and evenings which is sure intruded on her own personal time to help me as much as possible. Incredible customer service! Thank you.

  • Eric Cassidy
    24 octobre 2017

    Although we did not end up using Cassia, she was fantastic. Quick response times, extremely educated in her answers and was friendly. If you offered draw mortgage options we would have used her!

  • Artem
    21 octobre 2017

    Quick response and precise conclusion what to expect in my particular situation.

  • Chris Wilson
    13 octobre 2017

    Asked for a call on the web. Got a call next morning. Really helpful broker. Sent me info by email for follow up. Great service. I just recommended ratehub on my community Facebook page when it came up as people are pretty uninformed about shopping around.

  • Kris Crawford
    6 octobre 2017

    Very professional and was very helpful.

  • Stan Matotek
    5 octobre 2017

    Quick response time and very thorough.

  • David Cacka
    16 septembre 2017

    Very knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Clare Leclerc
    14 septembre 2017

    I was contacted promptly and my questions were answered. I will be in contact with her again when ready to proceed.

  • Tanvirezohra
    12 septembre 2017

    Very friendly

  • Tanvirezohra
    12 septembre 2017

    Very friendly

  • Jason Wasilieff
    10 septembre 2017

    Prompt responses

  • Adam
    8 septembre 2017

    Quick and accurate response.

  • Bryan Coates
    7 septembre 2017

    Great to work with. Honest and straightforward which is very much appreciated.

  • Ryan
    5 septembre 2017

    Great agent to work with and very patient explaining everything involved in the work process.

  • Gary
    31 août 2017

    To the point info given.

  • Shaun
    16 avril 2017

    Very good service

  • Parth Shah
    31 mars 2017

    She is good.

  • Connie John
    23 mars 2017

    No complaints whatsoever. Thank you for the quote.

  • Gurjeet Singh
    11 mars 2017

    She is good and looking for more options that will work for me. Thank you

  • Mohammed Iqbal
    3 mars 2017

    Excellent communication and great to deal with.

  • Fiona Prins
    24 décembre 2016

    Cassia was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I appreciated her quick response in emailing the information she promised.

  • Joey Lynn Anderson
    10 décembre 2016

    Very fast service.

  • Darwin De Leon
    1 décembre 2016

    Very helpful and informative.

  • Luc Roberts
    1 novembre 2016

    Very good

  • Tannis Forrest
    19 octobre 2016

    Great help

  • Connie Blatch
    14 octobre 2016

    Cassia was very quick to get back to me every time. I have not as yet decided whether or not to change mortgage companies

  • Dennis Chang
    5 septembre 2016

    Very helpful and informative

  • Masira
    22 août 2016

    Cassia is great to work with!

  • Patrick Chagonda
    17 août 2016

    Cassia is energetic and great to work with.

  • Dmitri Priadka
    13 août 2016

    Helpful agent with good communication.

  • Sean Rathburn
    10 août 2016

    Fair accurate advice.

  • Teng
    12 juillet 2016

    really fast reply.

  • Suzanne Sparrow
    7 juillet 2016

    Agent was very helpful and quick to respond- thank you for the great service.

  • John Kendall
    30 juin 2016

    Keep up the great work

  • Ann Or Curtis
    10 juin 2016

    Cassia was very professional to speak with. We have not decided who to renew our mortgage with yet as we still have a couple of months to decide.

  • Nimet
    10 juin 2016

    I was impressed to be contacted right away and the brokers ability to give me multiple different options.

  • Bishwa Nepal
    31 mai 2016

    She was great and she explained me the situation about my mortgage.

  • Charlotte Geagea
    27 mai 2016


  • Sherry Shi
    26 mai 2016


  • Ken Holmes
    25 mai 2016

    Excellent service, very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended for your mortgage needs.

  • Yannie
    24 mai 2016

    Very helpful

  • Naeem Abu-awad
    12 mai 2016

    I worked with Cassia couple years back and she is very nice person and very helpful.

  • Jason
    10 mai 2016

    Very professional.

  • Craig
    19 avril 2016

    Very quick and thorough.

  • Bimal
    17 avril 2016

    Very good

  • Ryan Birch
    15 mars 2016

    Cassia is very nice to work with. She is friendly and very quick.

  • Sungyoung
    17 février 2016

    she was very prompt and knowlegable

  • Sayed Rouf
    10 février 2016

    Very accomodating

  • Bernadette Bellosillo
    16 janvier 2016

    My request was responded to right away. Cassia was very helpful and able to complete my mortgage pre-approval right away

  • Donna Driediger
    16 janvier 2016

    Prompt and professional.

  • Laurie
    15 janvier 2016

    Cassia was efficient, quick to respond.

  • Chastin D Wilcox
    23 décembre 2015

    Great service. Very helpful

  • Stephanie Clair
    17 décembre 2015

    Super helpful answered all my questions

  • Lindsay Stamhuis
    11 novembre 2015

    Cassia was prompt and courteous and very helpful. We haven't finalized anything yet but I anticipate we will do so in the next few days!

  • Dave Matthews
    14 octobre 2015

    Cassia was very knowledgable, helpful and pleasant to work with

  • Steve
    3 octobre 2015

    Very prompt response; answered my questions with the best available information; very courteous. Treated me like a client rather than a commission source.

  • Jubong
    1 octobre 2015

    very helpful and informative, quick and prompt reply

  • Jeff Brufatto
    29 septembre 2015

    Cassia was very helpful and friendly. She was very knowledgable about various types of mortgages and answered all of my questions.

  • Donna Wood
    19 septembre 2015

    Got back to me with the information I needed right away

  • Dale Johnson
    18 septembre 2015

    Very informative

  • Sawji Polra
    13 septembre 2015

    Cassia has been extremely helpful in providing alternative solutions and working with us to move this forward. My request was very challenging and she is always availalbe to answer my questions. Great work Cassia.

  • Qi Gu
    29 août 2015

    respond very quickly and knowledgeble

  • Steve Webster
    20 août 2015

    Was quick to reply.

  • Loreen Garcia
    7 août 2015


  • Patricia
    1 août 2015

    Honest vauble information

  • sudip
    23 juillet 2015


  • Adam Breker
    23 juillet 2015

    Quick response. Pleasant to talk to. Seemed knowledgeable.

  • Mina
    22 juillet 2015

    they get me a quick feedback for any inquiry

  • Rick Phillips
    25 juin 2015


  • Olga Matsula
    20 juin 2015

    Very professional

  • Peggy Giuliano
    13 juin 2015

    Great help

  • Munira
    10 juin 2015

    She has been very efficient and top of things.

  • Andrew Van Der Elst
    9 juin 2015

    In search of a better mortgage rate for the refinancing of my home, the rep advised that although she wanted to bring my business on board with CanWise, financially it did not make sense due to costs that I would incur making the switch, so ultimately the savings would not be there. I would certainly like to say thank you for the upfront honesty, and I will look to bring my business to CanWise in the near future for my next home. Thank you Andrew Van der Elst

  • Luanne
    4 juin 2015

    Quick response time

  • Brian Pupp
    14 mai 2015

    quick response, knowledgeable. Found me what I was looking for.

  • Brett Haasdyk
    9 mai 2015

    Courteous, and quick to reply

  • Shree
    6 mai 2015

    Good job

  • Annette Tara Mulrooney
    2 mai 2015

    Quick turnaround time professional

  • James
    24 avril 2015

    Quick contact, answered all my questions

  • Brent Caplin
    18 avril 2015

    Great job and lots of questions answered

  • Wendy Goebel
    14 avril 2015

    Very pleasant on the phone. Willing to help us out in the near future. Will keep us informed in July, when we are able to look at renewing our current mortgage.

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