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What to do With Unwanted Gift Cards

The holidays are over and you probably received something you didn’t want. Most presents are easy to return but some aren’t, especially if it’s a gift card. If you received a card for a store or restaurant you rarely or never visit, there are some options to consider if you want to get rid of an unwanted gift card.

1. Sell your card

It shouldn’t be hard to find a buyer for a gift card. You can list one on eBay, Craigslist, or Kijiji. However, you’ll need to pay a fee if you decide to sell on eBay and you have to ship the card, which can be a bit of a hassle. You’ll probably also have to sell your card at a discount as prospective buyers won’t pay full price.

You can also sell your card on a site like CardSwap or Gift Card Granny. CardSwap will give you give you a cash offer of up to 92% (depending on the popularity of the retailer) for your gift card. It accepts gift cards from more than 450 retailers and also accepts store credits for returned merchandise if accompanied by the receipt of purchase.

2. Exchange your card

If you don’t want cash, you may be able to exchange your card for another one. For example, Hudson’s Bay will give you 100% of the value of your card when you trade in Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, HomeSense, Sears, Sephora, Walmart, or Winners gift cards for a Bay electronic gift card before Feb. 28, 2017.

3. Regift your card

Make sure the card is something the person you give it to will want to use. Before regifting, ensure the envelope is in perfect condition. Alternatively, you can wrap the card up in some nicer packaging or add it to another gift you already planned on giving to the recipient. Whatever you do, don’t partially use the card first before regifting. Also, ensure the recipient isn’t a friend, co-worker, or relative of the person you received the card from originally. That could lead to an awkward situation if they’re both there when you do the regifting.

4. Use it to buy a gift for someone else

Although you might not frequent a certain retailer, you may be able to use the gift card for that store to purchase a present for a friend or family member. Using a card will save you money and allow you to use the card at the same time.

5. Give to charity

If you want to make a donation this year but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, you may be able to give your card to charity and receive a tax receipt. CardSwap is one way you can donate gift cards. You can also check with a local charity to see if it will accept a card as a donation and also issue a tax receipt.

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