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Top 5 Deposits Stories of 2016

Another year is about to close, which means it’s time to look back at what you were reading in 2016. There were nearly 100 deposits stories that went up this year, covering a wide range of topics.

Here are the five most popular ones:

#5: The Differences Between RRSPs and TFSAs
What’s an RRSP? What’s a TFSA? If you don’t know the differences between these two savings vehicles, you should read this story.

#4: Review: Scotiabank Momentum Savings Account
We did a series of high-interest savings account reviews this year and the Scotiabank Momentum Savings Account review was one of our most popular.

#3: 5 Reasons to Not Make an RRSP Contribution
You’ve always heard of the reasons why you should make an RRSP contribution. But there are reasons why you shouldn’t contribute to your RRSP.

#2: Review: TD High Interest Savings Account
Reviews of savings accounts were popular with our audience this year, including our post on TD Canada Trust’s high-interest savings account.

#1: Review: EQ Bank Saving Plus Account
The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick mentioned this article in one of his Carrick on Money columns, helping this review of EQ Bank’s account become one of our most popular posts.

Also notable were some of our RRSP stories such as: The Truth About RRSPs, What Happens if You Make an Early RRSP Withdrawal?, and What Happens When You Over-contribute to Your RRSP.

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