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Things to consider before upgrading your vehicles' performance

Modifying your car for the first time can be overwhelming. There are multiple directions you can take with your upgrade. Are you changing your vehicle to give it more performance, or do you want your car to better match your personality? The options are so endless that revamping your ride is the perfect project for any auto-lover. Below is a list of things to consider before beginning to modify your vehicle.

Plan Ahead

Like anything, planning is a vital first step. Diving in headfirst without knowing what your goals are can lead to chaos and further uncertainty. For example, buying auto parts on an impulse, such as air suspension because you want your car to have a particular look, can work for a time. However, without a plan, you may end up replacing parts with other upgrades leading you away from your original idea. It’s essential to understand your overall intentions and goals. Do you need something for drag, street performance, or off-road?


Know Your Budget

Understanding how much you’re willing to spend on your car upgrades is critical. For example, enhancing your old rusty 1955 Chevrolet Nomad into a modern hot rod is going to cost you thousands. Furthermore, knowing your finances will give you perspective on how long your modifications will take and will help you manage accordingly. 

Please keep in mind the effects certain changes can have on your auto insurance. Regardless of your aim, remember to call your insurance provider. Inform them about your planned upgrades so they can tell you what will increase or decrease your insurance premiums and any other relevant information that might be helpful. 

Top Vehicle Modifications for Beginners

With a plan and budget in place, you’re ready to begin modifying your vehicle. But, where to start? Below, we list the most common modifications for beginners. Keep in mind that not everything needs to happen right away. Everything listed should be done in a step-by-step process and not all at once. Consult with your parts dealer. They can help guide you through the process. 

Exhaust Systems:

Usually, elevating your vehicle’s exhaust means having a less restrictive system, allowing for better airflow. Getting this done will lead to better fuel economy, a more efficient motor and can potentially give you more horsepower by allowing exhaust gasses to exit the combustion chamber better. Depending on your end game, an exhaust system upgrade will mean different things and require you to need various products like catalyst converters provided by brands such as Borla


Borla’s carbon fibre tips are made from T-304 stainless steel. This steel has the highest chromium content making it resistant to corrosion and extremely popular for anyone wanting long-lasting exhaust systems.


If you enhance the exhaust in your car for better airflow, tuning will give you more performance. Tuning using products such as those provided by AEM Electronics means programming the stock computer in your vehicle, allowing you to see the full potential of the parts installed. Remember that you should not be pushing your car past its limits, especially after tuning it. 


An AEM Performance Electronics CD-7 Carbon Displays feature a massive library of gauge layouts from which you can choose. It also gives you the ability to customize your gauges to your liking.


Suspensions maximize the handling and safety of your vehicle by increasing the friction between the tires and the road. Having the ability to handle your ride is just as important as being able to stop. Worn suspensions can likely reduce the stability of your car and take away your control. 

Before changing your suspensions, consider how well your car handles the road. An automobile with softer suspensions will always have poor handling because that auto-part is less rigid. First, to improve this, replace the pre-installed suspensions with a performance setup such as Bilstein’s coilovers


Bilstein EVO SE Suspension kits have ride height adjustability and come with electronic damping controls that will calculate the right damping setting based on the acceleration sensors at the wheels’ body.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to modify a vehicle. We’ve only touched on these to help a beginner focus on where to start. Upgrading the performance of your ride is fun. It can be even more exciting with a plan (because there’s always something to look forward to). If you have any questions, take advantage of the experts at Canada Wheels. We are here to make sure that your upgrades are planned out and made to fit your budget.