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The Best Credit Cards for DIY Home Improvements

With spring fast approaching, many Canadian homeowners will be using the season to do some deep cleaning and take on much-needed household projects. Whether you’re replacing an old appliance that’s seen better days, giving the kitchen walls a fresh coat of paint, or finally starting that backyard garden, home improvements cost money. That’s why using the right credit card when shopping for supplies can make a big difference.

Below, we’ll outline a few of the best credit cards in Canada for home improvement purchases.

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Tangerine Money Back Credit Card

In addition to being one of the all-around best cashback cards in the market right now, the Tangerine Money Back Credit Card can also help you earn rewards when you use it to purchase home improvement items. 

The card gives you the ability to earn 2% cashback in two spending categories of your choosing, plus a third category if you decide to put your cashback dollars into a Tangerine savings account. While there’s a wide variety of options available (groceries, restaurants, gas, etc.), savvy homeowners will notice that “home improvement” is also included. Selecting this category will earn you 2% cashback when you shop at stores such as IKEA, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, and Bed, Bath & Beyond (among others).

Also, there is welcome bonus for new clients. earn an extra 10% back on up to $1,000 in everyday purchases within the first 2 months. Must apply by October 31, 2024. Used wisely, that can net you some serious savings if you’re making lots of home purchases at once. 

Triangle Mastercard

When you’re shopping for supplies to complete a DIY project at home, Canadian Tire is typically one of your first stops. If that's the case, the Triangle Mastercard is an essential piece of plastic to have in your wallet.

Using this card, customers can earn 4% in Canadian Tire money when making purchases at their stores (as well as affiliated businesses such as Mark’s, Sport Chek, and Party City). Considering the wide array of home improvement products available at Canadian Tire, spending big on this card could net you serious rewards to use when buying for future projects. Not only that, but for bigger purchases, the card offers a no-interest financing option on transactions of $150 or more, allowing you to pay for large-scale items on an installment plan of 24 months - something that may come in handy when trying to budget for the more expensive items on your list. And to top it off, there’s no annual fee, which is comforting for a card you may not be using all the time.


Walmart Rewards Mastercard

If Walmart happens to be your destination for home improvement purchases, you’re also in luck: the mega-retailer offers their own co-branded credit card that can earn you cashback rewards for buying appliances, flooring, lighting, and anything else you’ll need for your DIY reno project. 

As a user of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you’ll get a rate of 1.25% cashback on all in-store and online Walmart purchases. Plus, you’ll also receive a welcome bonus of up to $25 Walmart Reward Dollars ($15 for signing up, plus another $10 if you choose paperless statements). While that may not be a significant amount, it’s enough to possibly get a smaller item you need for free.

And, if you’re looking for even greater rewards, you can upgrade to the higher-tier Walmart Rewards World Mastercard, which will earn you 3% on online Walmart purchases (over double what you’d earn with the basic Rewards Mastercard). While there is a minimum household income requirement of $100,000, users who spend at least $15,000 on their Walmart Rewards Mastercard can automatically be upgraded to the World Mastercard as well. 

And, much like the Triangle Mastercard, both Walmart Rewards Mastercards have no annual fee, meaning you won’t be paying for a card you may only use occasionally.


The bottom line

Buying what you need to complete a DIY home improvement project can add up into an expensive venture, but using the right credit cards can make it easier and help you put a little money back into your account. Consider the cards we outlined above when shopping for your renovation project, big or small, and tell us in the comments below what card(s) you use when buying for your home and garden.



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