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    A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) can help you save and prepare for a fruitful, comfortable, and secure retirement. It can also provide some remarkable tax-benefits that can earn you more money over a lifetime of contributions. This article answers many of the questions that usually surround the RRSP savings account.

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    When you’re earning interest on your investments, you’re going to have to pay tax on the income if they’re sitting in a non-registered account. But if they’re held in a registered account—such as an RRSP—you can … Read More

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    Let me start off by saying (or writing in this case) that $100,000 in savings isn’t a huge accomplishment because it’s not enough to retire on in a city like Toronto. But saving a large amount … Read More

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    Baby boomers have been among Canada’s most efficient savers. They’ve taken solid advantage of RRSPs and corporate pension plans that require contributions from monthly paycheques. In some ways, it seems counterintuitive to look at savings opportunities … Read More