rent vs. buy

  • April
  • categories: Real Estate

    Flickr: Jim Crocker This is a first-hand account of’s Chief Marketing Officer Kerri-Lynn McAllister. I just got hit with a $150/month rental increase. And it’s completely legal. (Are you as shocked and disgusted as I … Read More

  • December
  • categories: Real Estate

    Photo by Duncan Rawlinson While many Canadians choose to travel south for a vacation during the frigid winter months, many of us prefer to enjoy the snow-covered Canadian landscape with some good, old-fashioned winter fun. From … Read More

  • October
  • categories: Real Estate

    Photo courtsey of Dan Moyle To buy, or not to buy – that seems to be the big question among my circle of friends these days, as we settle into our careers, relationships and lives. Between … Read More