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Ratehub logo Launches New GIC Comparison Tool

It’s only been two months since we launched our credit card comparison tool and credit card rewards calculator. The feedback has been incredible, so far, but our work didn’t stop there. Today, we’re excited to announce that we have officially launched our third. Next to mortgages and credit cards, we now also compare the best GIC rates in Canada.


From our homepage, click on “GICs” and you’ll be taken to a landing page that links to a detailed comparison chart. If you want to compare rates*, simply select from the options in the dropdown menu seen above and you’ll be taken to a list of all the best GIC rates for that product type.


When you get to this list, you can further expand on which type of GIC product you’re looking for. Our GIC comparison tool will then multiply your investment amount by the available GIC rates and calculate your potential returns. When you find a GIC rate and product you want, simply click on “Get this rate” to contact the issuer and buy the GIC.


Similar to the way our mortgage rate comparison tool works, when you find a GIC product you want to buy, you’ll be given a number of options to get in touch with the GIC issuer. Equitable Bank, as an example, gives you a few options, including submitting your information via the contact form, calling them directly and visiting their website. You’ll then connect with Equitable Bank directly and invest your money through them.

Finally, if you want to do a little more research on GICs, before you make your initial investment, we’ve piece together the most comprehensive GIC education centre. Whether you want to learn more about what a GIC is, how GIC taxation works or how to create a GIC ladder, our education centre should be able to answer all your questions – and includes great examples, like what you see below.


We hope the way you’ve come to trust our mortgage and credit card tools will be true of our new GIC comparison tool. And, as always, we’re open to your feedback. Since we first launched in January 2010, our goal has been to provide Canadians with the tools they need to make the best financial decisions possible.

Let us know what you think!

* Rates as of March 13, 2015.