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Mortgage Broker Brands in Québec

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After looking at mortgage broker brands in Ontario, the next province up in this blog series is Québec. In the series, we provide overviews of the major mortgage brokerages in your province. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner, this blog post will help you find the Québec mortgage broker and brand that offers the best mortgage rates.


Centum has established a large network of independently owned mortgage brokerages that span across Canada. They leverage this scale to develop relationships with many lenders and offer more options to consumers. Centum negotiates with multiple lenders at a time, while utilizing volume bonuses, to help provide clients the lowest rates.

Dominion Lending Centres

Dominion Lending Centres (DLC) has more than 2,200 mortgage professionals nationwide. The brokerage is currently growing its Québec operations, where there is a franchised DLC location under the name Dominion Lending Center – Centre Quest. DLC has access to over 90 lending institutions, which allows them to offer innovative products such as interest-only loans, self-employment programs, and rental purchase programs. With their broad offerings, DLC services both experienced and first-time homebuyers.


Hypothéca has been a leading mortgage brokerage in Québec for more than 25 years. Hypothéca has more than 250 licensed brokers servicing the province, all of whom offer free advisory services as they are only paid by the financial institutions they deal with. The brokers negotiate with over 15 financial institutions to find the best mortgage rates and conditions for their consumers.


Invis has grown to more than 800 mortgage professionals across Canada. With access to over 50 lenders, the brokerage offers a variety of mortgage products to its consumers. Invis’ goal is to make the mortgage process stress-free for first-time homebuyers, by providing timely and accurate advice. Invis also works with consumers who have bad credit, to find an equitable mortgage rate.


Multi-Prêts is the largest mortgage brokerage in Québec and has been a leader in the mortgage industry since 1981. Multi-Prêts offers low rates by passing on volume discounts directly to consumers. The brokerage’s agents offer a variety of mortgage products to consumers by leveraging their access to over 20 financial institutions.

TNM Hypothèque True North Mortgage

True North Mortgage opened in Alberta in 1999 and today has offices in many cities throughout Canada – including a new office (TNM Hypothèque True North Mortgage) in Montreal. At True North, anyone looking for a mortgage can walk in and speak with a mortgage broker without an appointment. True North hires specialized mortgage brokers who are paid by salary and not commission; this ensures True North mortgage brokers are working in the customer’s best interest.

When looking for a Québec mortgage broker, there are many different brokerages to choose from. Compare the different mortgage brokerages listed here to find the right broker for you.