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Mortgage Broker Brands in British Columbia

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The next province in’s mortgage broker brands blog series is British Columbia. In this series, our goal is to provide overviews of the major mortgage brokerages in your province. There are many different mortgage brokerages in British Columbia to choose from but our descriptions can help you find a brokerage and a mortgage broker to assist you in getting the best mortgage rates.


With over 2,700 mortgage professionals, Centum has developed a large network of lenders and can leverage this network to find you the best mortgage product and rate. Working with Centum means you are working with a brokerage who negotiates with several different lenders at one time, in the hopes of finding the right mortgage for you. Centum is a national brand with offices in many major cities.

Custom Mortgages

Custom Mortgages is a subsidiary of Verico that works with a vast network of lenders to provide the best mortgage rates. Custom Mortgages focuses on preparing clients with accurate and detailed information so that they can make an informed decision. The brokerage also ensures that you will have the same mortgage broker contact throughout the life of your mortgage, which will help you develop a level of comfort with your broker.

Dominion Lending Centres

Dominion Lending Centres (DLC) is one of the largest mortgage brokerages in Canada and offers a host of different mortgage options to experienced and first-time homebuyers. DLC has 2,200 mortgage professionals nationwide and 35 per cent of their professionals are located in British Columbia. DLC leverages their access to major banks, credit unions and trust companies, to provide customers with the best mortgage rates.


Invis is a large national mortgage brokerage that has helped over 600,000 clients find their ideal mortgage terms. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or you are an experienced buyer looking to renew or refinance your mortgage, Invis will offer you the best advice. If you are having difficulties obtaining a mortgage due to bad credit, Invis will work with you to overcome this challenge and help you find an equitable mortgage rate.

The Mortgage Centre

At the Mortgage Centre, a mortgage broker will sit down with you and fill out an electronic application form. Once that form is submitted, the online system will provide personalized lender rates for your specific situation. As low interest rates are not the only important factor, The Mortgage Centre will also focus on other aspects of the mortgage to find terms that fit your financial situation. The brokerage will also guide you through the renewal process to ensure you are renewing with the best available mortgage rate.

True North Mortgage

True North Mortgage differs from other brokerages as they rely on standalone retail locations in high-traffic areas. Their employees are rigorously trained and don’t pressure consumers like independent brokers often do. True North Mortgages will deal with banks for you and leverage their large network to save you money with volume discounts.

Beyond these major mortgage brokerages, there are other mortgage brokerages in British Columbia. MortgagePal and Mortgage Intelligence also offer low rates in the province. Above all, it’s important to find a mortgage brokerage brand and broker that you feel comfortable working with.