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Everything You Need to Know About RRSPs

The clock’s ticking. To be eligible for an RRSP deduction for the 2015 tax year, you have until 11:59 p.m. (local time) tonight to make a contribution.

Before rushing to your nearest financial institution in order to meet the deadline, first read our series of articles on RRSPs.

What are RRSPs? Your RRSP Questions Answered
RRSP season is now officially underway. The first two months of the year are usually when Canadians are scrambling to make an RRSP contribution so they can get a tax refund. If you have questions about RRSPs, read this post.

The Differences Between RRSPs and TFSAs
For years, the RRSP was the best way to save for retirement. That is until the TFSA became available in 2009. If you could only make contributions to one account, which one would you choose?

What Happens When You Over-contribute to Your RRSP
The rules that surround contributions, withdrawals and penalties are tricky to navigate. If you find yourself having over-contributed to your RRSP, here are the steps you need to take to set things right.

5 Reasons to Not Make an RRSP Contribution
Despite what we’ve been taught to think, RRSPs aren’t for everyone. A tax refund is tempting but we all have different priorities. In these five situations, it’s best to not make a contribution at all.

What Happens if You Make an Early RRSP Withdrawal?
What if you need the funds for some other personal matter? Wouldn’t pulling out some money you’ve saved make sense?

What to Consider Before Getting an RRSP Loan
It can be a daunting task and if you’re only able to put a small sum of money away each month, you can become frustrated with how slow your portfolio may grow in the beginning. If this sounds like your retirement portfolio, you might want to consider getting an RRSP loan.

What Happens to Your RRSP When You Retire?
While many are familiar with the particulars around contributions and tax deductions, few have yet to grasp what happens to their RRSP when they retire.

The Truth About RRSPs
RRSP season is nearly over and you’ve probably seen ads from all the major financial institutions encouraging you to make a contribution. But what they may not be publicly tell you are the RRSP truths.

Should You Put a Market-Linked GIC in Your RRSP?
It’s RRSP season and banks in Canada are promoting products related to these accounts. One such product is the market-linked GIC.

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