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Cottage insurance is not your standard home insurance: here's why

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Canadians own a variety of properties, such as a primary residence (single-family detached home, condo, or townhome), vacation property, cottage, and/or investment property. Typically, homeowners are quite knowledgeable about house and condo insurance, but when it comes to cottages, many people are unaware of the key differences that come with cottage insurance. Vacation properties and cottages are not cheap – failing to properly insure them can turn out to be costly for the homeowner.

So, what are the key differences between conventional home insurance and insurance for your cottage?

As you can see, getting cottage insurance is a little trickier than getting a standard house, condo, or townhome policy. Although there are more considerations to account for when insuring a cottage or vacation property, once all the coverage is in place, you will find that it’s worth the challenge when you are sitting by the lake shore, enjoying a campfire with some smores, or when you are resting in your mountain chalet with a glass of wine after a day of skiing.

These insights are shared by InsurEye, a Toronto-based company that educates and informs Canadians about insurance through its insurance review platform, and about real estate through its condo review platform, CondoEssentials.

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