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Compare: Walmart Rewards Mastercard vs. Walmart Rewards World Mastercard

Geared towards those who make plenty of wide-variety purchases from the mega-retailer, Walmart features two store credit card options: the standard Walmart Rewards Mastercard, and it’s slightly higher-end sibling, the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard.

Both cards offer no annual fee and the opportunity to earn cash back rewards when shopping online or in-store from Walmart. 

But are those rewards worth it? And how do these cards stack up against each other? Let’s dive in a little deeper to find out. 

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At a Glance



Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Walmart Rewards World Mastercard

Annual fee



Purchase interest




  • 1.25% at any Walmart store in Canada or online at

  •  1% at gas stations (not including independent merchants at stations)

  •  1% everywhere else
  • 3% at

  •  1.25% in-store in Canada

  • 1.25% at gas stations (independent merchants exempt)

  • 1% everywhere else

Minimum income

$12,000 individually

$100,000 per household

Welcome offer

Bonus cash back up to $25 ($15 upon one purchase at Walmart and another anywhere else, plus an additional $10 when you sign up for paperless statements)

Bonus cash back up to $25 ($15 upon one purchase at Walmart and another anywhere else, plus an additional $10 when you sign up for paperless statements)


In Detail


Walmart Rewards Mastercard


With it’s zero-dollar annual fee and modest income requirement of $12,000 individually, the Walmart Rewards Mastercard is an approachable card that should appeal to a wide range of Walmart shoppers. 

Much like any other store credit card, this card is designed to benefit those who make the majority of their everyday household purchases at Walmart. Offering 1.25% cash back on all online or in-store Walmart purchases (a slight increase in value from the 1% offered on all other purchases), frequent users of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard can easily rack up cash back dollars for future purchases at the chain retailer. Providing you’re using the card for even one big shopping trip per week, those rewards will add up to some big savings over time. For example, if you routinely spend $100 per week at Walmart on groceries, you’ll have earned enough points to cover half of your grocery bill after just over a year of card use.

The card also offers extra perks such as their Zero Liability protection, which guarantees you won’t be held responsible for any unauthorized purchases made with your card. As a Mastercard holder, you’ll also get access to Mastercard Global Services to assist in emergency cash, card replacement, and other services. 


Walmart Rewards World Mastercard


For those looking for a slight upgrade, the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard offers many of the same benefits as it’s counterpart, but with a few extra tweaks. 

For starters, World Mastercard users can enjoy a more generous 3% cash back on all online Walmart purchases, a significant step up from the 1.25% offered by the standard Walmart Rewards Mastercard. You’ll also earn a little extra at the pumps, with this card offering 1.25% cash back at gas stations (as opposed to the 1% offered by the Walmart Rewards Mastercard). 

The Walmart Rewards World Mastercard also offers a bit more in the perks department as well. Users will enjoy the same access to Zero Liability Protection and Mastercard Global Services, which provides emergency cash, card replacement, and more. They’ll also get the added bonus of a free extended warranty plan (doubling the manufacturer’s warranty on any card purchase up to an extra year). Finally, you’ll also get free purchase assurance for the first 90 days after any purchase with the card.

The card’s $100,000 household income requirement makes it a bit prohibitive to some users, but those with a Walmart Rewards Mastercard looking to upgrade to the World Mastercard can also do so by spending at least $15,000 on their card in the previous year of ownership. To break it down further, you’d only have to spend $1250 per month on the card to achieve this goal.

Walmart Rewards Dollars - Benefits and Drawbacks


Walmart’s Rewards Dollars system is great for those who want an uncomplicated, straightforward redemption experience. Unlike other rewards programs, there’s no fluctuating, point-based conversion system to figure out. Users of either card simply rack up cash back by purchasing items and services at Walmart, then redeem those points in $5 increments for future purchases at the retailer. 

The only drawback? You can’t use your cash back dollars against an existing balance on your card. 

Unlike other cash back rewards cards, you can only use your bonus dollars for Walmart shopping and nothing else. If you keep a zero balance on your card and only plan to use it at Walmart, this shouldn’t be much of an issue at all, but it is worth noting.


The bottom line


Both the Walmart Rewards Mastercard and the Rewards World Mastercard offer big value for frequent Walmart customers. If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility, however, cash-back cards from Tangerine or the SimplyCash Preferred card from American Express offer great cash back value with less restriction. 

Ultimately, however, both Walmart Mastercards do what any retail card should: reward customer loyalty. Plus, with no annual fee, you’ll be able to keep it active even if you don’t use it as much in the future. So if you’re a big Walmart fan (or you live somewhere where Walmart is the main option for picking up everyday items), either card has much to offer.



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