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    New mortgage rules, data breaches, and climbing debt levels are following Canadians into the new year. More importantly, how much would it cost Han Solo to insure the Millennium Falcon? Here’s what you need to know … Read More

  • December
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    Debt is on everyone’s mind as interest rates tick upward and dollars fly out of your bank account this holiday season. Here are some personal finance headlines you may have missed last month.

  • November
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    Mortgage rates and housing affordability understandably continue to dominate the news cycle as Canada’s banking regular announced a stress test for uninsured mortgages and the Bank of Canada held tight on interest rates. Here are some … Read More

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  • May
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    This month’s personal finance news is sure to evoke some emotionally-charged opinions: changes to a top credit card, airlines overbooking flights, and proposed measures to help cool one of Canada’s hottest housing markets. Here’s what went down in April: 

  • April
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    Canada’s housing market hot pockets continue to dominate the news cycle (and dinner conversations, no doubt), but March personal finance news was a jumble of moving parts. If you’ve been too busy weeping softly over rising house prices, … Read More

  • March
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    From mortgage math to medical marijuana grow-ops, February finance news was equal parts informative and bizarre — we definitely have a lot to think about. Capping off the month was the Bank of Canada’s interest rate announcement, … Read More

  • February
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    It certainly hasn’t been a slow start to 2017. As a new U.S. president takes office, the Brexit’s aftermath unfolds, and Canada’s housing market continues to scorch, the coming year promises to be full of changes … Read More

  • January