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Best of Golden Girl Finance: May 2014

With a new season well underway, we’re thrilled for the sunshine and another monthly review of our most popular content. Remember when we told you that finding your favourite financial content from around the web should never be difficult? Well, we’re back again to make it effortless and entirely enjoyable.

May was certainly a busy month in our neighbourhoods for real estate. It seemed as though every street had at least one or two properties up for grabs. And with that in mind, it’s even more important that you’ve got your personal finances straightened up, if you plan to snap up a new property this spring.

Whether you have your eyes set on an income property, are getting your ducks in a row for a mortgage application, or are curious about how to handle your finances with your soon-to-be spouse – it’s another month with a little something for everyone.

From real estate to dream careers to trending media topics, here are our 8 golden content picks as we wrap up the second month of spring…

Wondering How Strong Your Mortgage Application is? Here’s What Lenders Look For
Here is a list of the most common application elements that lenders pay attention to that may add or detract from the strength and likelihood of your mortgage application being approved.

How to Tell if Your Property is an Income Property
There are a number of factors to take into consideration when making the decision to rent out your home or a secondary property. Here are some tips to determine if this option is a good fit for you.

Why You Need to Hire an Energy Auditor for Your Home
From the homeowner’s point of view, identifying energy savings will help insulate you from rising energy costs in the future.

Who is Thomas Piketty and Why Should You Care?
It’s not often that a 700-page economics text becomes a global hit and a popular bestseller – but it has. Here’s our guide to talking about a book you haven’t read.

Will You Marry…My Debt? Should You or Shouldn’t You?
Are you dooming your marriage for failure by combining your finances knowing the potential implications it might have on your future?

When Great Companies Make Bad Neighbours
Find out why Google and Apple employees are being picketed and why uber-cool tech companies make really lousy neighbours (with one exception).

Hey Dove, Where’s the Love? 3 Colossal Fails at Marketing to Women
Dove’s latest marketing campaign for women was a total bust. How did they go from praise to being panned so quickly?

This is the Conversation You Need to Have with Your Cell Phone Carrier Now
Want a cheaper bill each month? Consider these 5 ways to reduce your mobile costs.