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Best of Golden Girl Finance: June 2014

It’s the June wrap-up of our best money content. As always, we’re keeping you informed, empowered and entertained, when it comes to your finances.

This month’s installment features more than just home and mortgage tips; we’ve also thrown in some advice on how to ruin your career (everyone wants to do that, right?) and uncovered whether or not the snake oil in your luxury face cream is worth it (yes, it’s used in some brands, and so is Japanese bird poop and snail mucus – YUM!).

While you’re contemplating what you’re putting on your face, you can also learn how to sell your house like a boss – in ways that even the reps from ‘Million Dollar Listing’ would be proud.

Here are our 8 golden content picks just in time for the kids to say “school’s out!”…

First Comes Love, then Comes Mortgage: 5 Tips for Mortgage Matrimonial Bliss
With marriage on your mind, you’re probably thinking about where you’re going to live when you begin your life together. Here are some basic tips to prepare you for a mortgage-friendly home.

5 Ways to Help You Sell Your House Like a Boss
Selling a house is a business transaction. While home may be where the heart is, selling it requires you to rely on your head, not your heart. Here’s how…’Million Dollar Listing’ style!

The 4 Most Hilarious Ways People Go House Poor
For the luckiest of us, it might only take one wrong move (literally) to fall into house squalor. But in case one wrong move isn’t enough, here are four to really get you going!

5 Tips on How to Master a Rewards Program
Learn how to get the most (and by most, we mean free stuff) from your loyalty program.

Singles: Is Your Life Insurance REALLY Meeting Your Needs?
Why you should read first and buy last when it comes to picking out the right insurance policy.

How to Travel with Kids Jolie-Pitt Style
Just in time for summer vacation… 5 tips for family trips – and keeping the clan calm, cool and protected!

3 Ways to Ruin a Career Like Katherine Heigl
Why this leading lady is now one of the least hirable in Hollywood and what you can learn from her formidable mistakes.

Luxury Face Cream: You’re Worth It – But is the Price Justified?
What’s really in that overpriced face cream? Plus, how to choose the right concoction for you (is it Nivea or Creme de la Mer?).