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5-Year – Fixed

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Rate hold:     
The ratehold is the time period, 30-120 days, a lender will honour today’s mortgage rate . Once you submit an application your rate is locked in even if rates increase. If rates go down, many lenders will automatically give you the lower rate.
120 days
Prepayment options:     

Prepayment options allow you to pay down your mortgage at a rate faster than the original payment schedule with your lender. This can be done by increasing monthly payments, or through a lump sum payment.

Increase monthly payment by:     

Lenders allow you to increase your monthly payment by a certain percent ranging from 0% - 100%. A 100% increase allows you to double your monthly payment.

Lump sum as a % of mortgage value:     

Lenders allow you to put a lump sum payment against your mortgage each year ranging from 0%-25%. A 25% lump sum prepayment privilege would allow you pay your mortgage off completely in 4 years.


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