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Recent condo insurance quotes from users

Thousands of users visit our site each week, looking for the best property insurance rates on the market. Just like we've helped them find cheap coverage, we can help you too. Here are a few sample rates Canadian condo owners received in April 2024, using our free quote comparison tool – it takes less than five minutes to save big, so be sure to try it out yourself.

  • $34/month

    Low-rise apartment in Edmonton

    for one person, under SGI Canada

  • $35/month

    High-rise apartment in Toronto

    for one person, under Pembridge Canada

  • $38/month

    Low-rise apartment in Calgary

    for one person, under SGI Canada

  • $67/month

    Low-rise apartment in Vancouver

    for one person, under MAX Insurance

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Condo insurance coverage, explained

Generally speaking, a condo unit is owned by a single person or a family, whereas the building and its amenities are shared amongst all the residents. 

In insurance-speak, you’re responsible for covering your own condo unit, your own contents, and your personal liability. For example, if someone slips and injures themselves in your unit, the financial responsibility is on you. And if a thief breaks in and steals your expensive jewellery, you’ll need to replace all the valuables on your own.

Types of condo insurance coverages in Canada

While your condo corporation insurance provides some form of coverage for the building, as well as the construction of your unit, there are still many risks you aren't protected against. That's where your personal condo insurance policy comes in.

Included condo homeowners insurance coverages

Not all companies provide the same types of protection, but here are some common coverages on a standard condo home insurance policy.

Personal liability

Personal property

Unit improvements and betterments

Unit additional protection (contigency coverage)

Loss assessment

Loss of unit

Additional living expenses

Optional condo homeowners insurance coverages

Aside from the standard coverages on a condo home insurance policy, you can also ask your insurance provider about the following optional protections to ensure all your unique needs are met.

Directors and officers liability

Overland water

Sewer backup

Identity theft

Do condo fees cover insurance?

Your condo corporation’s insurance is paid collectively by the unit owners’ maintenance fees – it typically provides coverage for incidents of liability and damage within common areas, such as the elevators and the gym. The corporation’s insurance will likely also cover certain parts of your unit that are core to the building, such as its windows and light fixtures.

So while your maintenance fees do pay for condo corporation insurance, there are still many gaps you won’t be protected against – this is where your personal condo insurance policy comes in.

Here's a table outlining some of the core differences (keep in mind, however, that every insurance policy is different, so be sure to double-check your specific case).

What is the average condo insurance cost?

On average, expect to pay $30 to $50 per month – or $400 to $600 per year – for a condo insurance policy. To find your best rate, be sure to compare condo insurance quotes with us today.

compare quotes

Factors that impact your condo owners insurance premium

Insurance providers factor in your unit’s unique details to calculate the cost of your condo coverage. The more details provided, the more accurate condo insurance companies can be in assessing risk, probabilities and cost. Generally speaking, the more risk your property brings – or the more expensive repairs and replacements may cost – the more expensive your condo insurance premium will be. 

When determining your premium, condo insurance providers look at the following factors:

Property type

Credit score

Replacement cost


Internal construction

Renovations & betterments

Past claims history


Special use

How to get the cheapest condo insurance online

There are many steps you can take to ensure you're getting the cheapest condo insurance rate possible. Here, we outline the various ways users are saving on their policy – all numbers were last updated in April 2024. 

  • Compare condo insurance quotes

    Shopping the market is free and quick with – thousands of users visit us weekly, looking for the best insurance rates out there.

  • Bundle insurance products

    Insurers reward loyalty with cheaper rates. 18% of our users choose to bundle their condo policy with another product (e.g. auto insurance).

  • Get a membership rate

    Different insurers offer different group discounts, so be sure to ask about your eligibility. We found that 22% of our users have a CAA membership.

  • Choose a secure building

    It's better to be safe than sorry (and the condo insurance discount is a plus). 45% of our users have 24-hour concierge security.

  • Install a monitored burglar alarm

    Lowering your risk of theft can also lower your condo insurance rate. 35% of our users have a monitored burglar alarm for their unit.

  • Install a monitored fire alarm

    It's no surprise that having a proper fire alarm can also lower your rate – 80% of our users' condos are equipped with a monitored one.

  • Stop (or don't start) smoking

    Smoking increases your risk of fire (which can also increase your rate). But as non-smokers, majority of our users (96%) don't need to worry about this.

  • Opt-in for a credit check

    The cheapest rates are available to those who opt-in for a soft credit check – 62% of our users said yes when comparing condo quotes with us.

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