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Toronto’s Most and Least Expensive Homes by Postal Code

Hyder Owainati

The first three digits of your postal code can shed plenty of light on the socio-economic profile of your community—from neighbourhood crime rates and local voting habits down to how much you can expect to pay on car insurance.

TheRedPin, a Toronto-based full-service real estate brokerage, tapped into all of the city’s 102 postal codes to divulge another insight: where are Toronto’s most and least expensive homes.

By meticulously tracking year-over-year sales of detached houses and condo apartments from September 2015 to 2016, TheRedPin created a snapshot of Toronto’s housing market—honing down the city’s five priciest, most affordable and busiest postal codes when it comes to real estate.

The brokerage also used the opportunity to finally provide an answer to the question of which is really more expensive, Toronto’s East or West sides.

Using the Don Valley Parkway and Dufferin Street as the city’s two dividing lines, TheRedPin identified residences on Toronto’s West Side sold for an average of $54,000 (condos) to $59,000 (detached homes) more than in the East.

Below are two maps that chart Toronto’s most notable postal codes.

Condo Prices mapped by Postal Code

View full screen map

Condo Prices mapped by Postal Code

View full screen map

As evident through the two maps, a considerable chunk of the city’s most expensive houses and condos are found in pockets in the city’s midtown. On the other end of the spectrum, more affordable neighbourhood are predominantly situated in Toronto’s north west—such as Etobicoke. is a full-service real estate brokerage that carries the largest database of detached, semi-detachedtownhouses and condos in Ontario.

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