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    Calgary is one major city in Canada where wages and housing prices actually line up. Unlike Toronto and Vancouver, where home prices have far surpassed the median income of residents in those cities, Calgary real estate … Read More

  • June
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    Flickr: S.Yume After looking at mortgage broker brands in Toronto, Vancouver is the next city up in this blog series. In this blog series, we provide overviews of the major mortgage brokerages in Canada. This … Read More

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    Flickr: abaransk Are you thinking of becoming a mortgage broker in Vancouver? Over the past few years, the city’s real estate market has experienced a staggering increase in home prices. With some of the most expensive properties … Read More

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    Flickr: jrgcastro According to a new report released by Bank of Montreal (BMO), 63 per cent of Canadians view neighbourhood safety as the most important location-related feature to consider when purchasing a home. Conducted by Pollara, … Read More