tax free savings accounts

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    Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) are investing tools designed to shelter your savings from taxes. While its name implies that it is a savings account, TFSAs are accounts that keep your investments and the interest that they earn tax-exempt.

  • July
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    Every Canadian should have a plan, regardless of how old they are. However, it’s necessary to approach the decision of whether you should start saving or investing your money carefully by evaluating your current financial situation first. 

  • February
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    It’s a battle a decade in the making. In one corner, it’s the senior citizen of retirement accounts, the RRSP. In the other, it’s the relative newcomer, the 10-year-old TFSA. But which one is best for … Read More

  • October
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    Having a budget is a great way to reach your financial goals. But a budget will only work if you can stick to it and it’s realistic. The key components of a household budget are after-tax … Read More

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    Autumn is officially underway, and the month of October brought some tricks and some treats when it comes to personal finance. The biggest catalyst of change will undoubtedly be the federal election. The Liberals promised a … Read More