starter homes

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    This three-bedroom, one-bathroom starter home is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and features hardwood floors, two fireplaces and a woodstove. With an asking price of $274,900, it’s a great option for first-time buyers. Our starter home series … Read More

  • July
  • categories: Mortgages

    This three-bedroom, two-bathroom starter home in Saint John features an updated kitchen and hardwood floors, with a price just right ($162,000) for many first-time homebuyers. Our starter home blog post series has gradually moved from the … Read More

  • February
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    This four-bedroom starter home in Edmonton costs $269,000 and features old character, modern upgrades, and a fully fenced backyard. In Alberta, there are two major cities that people live, work and play in: Calgary and Edmonton. … Read More

  • January
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    This three-bedroom starter home in Coquitlam costs $578,000, and features a basement bedroom/family room combo with a separate entrance and a large backyard. Owning a home is something most people dream about. Not only does paying for a … Read More