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    The following is a guest post by BuzzBuzzHome, the most complete listing of new construction homes. Aside from cataloguing all new construction in Canada and the US, the BuzzHomies maintain a news site, publishing all the … Read More

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    Flickr: msvg Does becoming a mortgage broker in Calgary sound appealing to you? Calgary is one of Canada’s booming cities with many working professionals moving there for career opportunities. Calgary’s population growth offers a great career opportunity … Read More

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    This four-bedroom starter home in Edmonton costs $269,000 and features old character, modern upgrades, and a fully fenced backyard. In Alberta, there are two major cities that people live, work and play in: Calgary and Edmonton. … Read More

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    Housing Purchase Power Parity: Calgary During the early part of the 20th century, a Swedish professor helped develop what is called the Purchase Power Parity. This economic theory reveals the value of a bundle of goods … Read More