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Hotel/Motel Burglary: You’re Covered With These Cards

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and had your personal belongings stolen? Replacing all those items can be costly. In this situation, having credit card travel insurance can be useful.

There are a few travel rewards credit cards that provide hotel/motel burglary insurance at no extra cost. You simply need to pay for the hotel or motel booking with your credit card.

Hotel/motel burglary insurance protects you in the event that your personal property is stolen from the room where there’s evidence of forced entry. You can be covered up to a maximum amount for any theft that occurs while you’re checked in. As with most insurance policies there are limitations to what items are covered. Always read the conditions carefully.

Here’s a look at two credit cards that offer hotel/motel burglary insurance:

Scotiabank Gold American Express Insurance

Card details

  • Reimbursed up to $1,000 per person
  • Must report theft within 90 days
  • Must pay for the accommodations with your credit card

The Scotiabank Gold American Express credit card provides up to $1,000 per person for any personal item stolen through visible forced entry. The hotel/motel insurance only applies when you pay for the room with your credit card. You must report the theft within 90 days in order to receive claim forms.

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