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Cineplex SCENE Rewards Program Changes – Explained

All loyalty programs adjust their points schemes from time to time, and Cineplex’s SCENE is no exception. On April 17, Canada’s only major movie rewards program is changing its earn and redemption rates for movie tickets, night-out packages and concession food and beverages.

Cineplex is the dominant movie theatre chain in Canada with around 80% market share, and SCENE points can be earned and redeemed at theatres across the country branded as Cineplex Odeon, Cineplex VIP Cinemas, Scotiabank Theatre, SilverCity/StarCité, Galaxy, Famous Players, and Cinema City.

You can find the full details and fine print of the major changes coming April 17 on the official SCENE website, but here’s an overview and what the changes mean if you currently rack up Scene points.



SCENE Rewards Program Changes Explained





Movie tickets

Below are the earn and redemption structure changes. The biggest change: more points are required to redeem for free movie tickets.
Scene Rewards Changes - Movie Tickets

A few things to note:

  • As of April 17, fewer points are needed to redeem 3D movie tickets—from 1,500 points to 1,250 points, making it the same price as a regular ticket.
  • You’ll continue to earn a free regular ticket for every 10 regular movie tickets you purchase.
  • SCENE will no longer offer 20 bonus points for buying movie tickets online. You can still purchase tickets online or via the Cineplex app.



Food and beverages

The biggest change coming for concession spending is you’ll earn half the amount of points – 5 points for every $1 spent – on individual snacks, food and beverages. However, the number of bonus points for combos is doubled. This is an incentive to spring for a combo, which, of course, costs more money. The redemption structure for food and beverages isn’t changing — it’s still 500 points = $5 off.

Scene Rewards Changes - Food and Beverages
Scene Rewards Changes - Concession Combos

When it comes to earning and redeeming at restaurant partners such as Kelseys, Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Montana’s and Milestones, there wont be any changes. You’ll still earn 1 point for every $3 spent, and can redeem 1,000 points for $10 off your meal.



Night-out packages

Night-out packages include two tickets, two regular drinks and one regular popcorn. There are a few redemption changes as of April 17:




Card details

  • No annual fee
  • Earn 5,000 bonus Scene+ points with your first $750 in everyday purchases in first 3 months. Offer ends Feb 28, 2022.
  • Earn 1 Scene point for ever $1 spent on the card
  • Earn 5 Scene points for every $1 spent at Cineplex theatres

Changes to the SCENE program don’t directly affect the SCENE Visa Card earn rate. With this credit card, you’ll continue to earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Cineplex, and 1 point for every $1 spent everywhere else. However, because more points will be required to redeem free movie tickets, the value of your Scene points will decrease after April 17.

Even with the program changes, this card still offers good value if you’re a frequent moviegoer—especially if you love to hit up the concession stand. Plus, since it has no annual fee and minimal income requirements, the SCENE Visa Card is also one of the best credit cards for students who are looking to build their credit history and love movies.