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Best of Golden Girl Finance: January 2015

Happy New Year, readers! Miss us? We’ve certainly missed you. And we’re back with our best content for the first month of 2015.

Poverty is an ugly social issue, and it can be hard to fully understand if you haven’t experienced it. We had the opportunity to take part in a simulation of the trials and tough realities faced by Canada’s impoverished families – read on to get the full story about our experience.

Feeling not-so-satisfied with your salary increase (or lack thereof)? Sometimes it pays (pun intended) to simply ask your boss for a few incentives to make up for what’s missing from your salary. To start this new year off right, we offer five ideas for “creative” raises you shouldn’t overlook for 2015.

Find out about these stories and more in our 5 golden content picks for the month of January…

7 Struggles Every Person Saving Up for a Down Payment Goes Through
Scrimping on groceries? Cancelled all date nights? Haven’t seen your friends in months? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! Learn about the most common struggles people experience when saving a down payment to purchase a home.

One Night in Poverty (Part 1): Single with Children
Golden Girl Finance took part in a poverty simulation to see, firsthand, the challenges faced by Canada’s impoverished families. These are the hard truths we learned…

One Night in Poverty (Part 2): The 3-Point Survival System
You’ve fallen behind on your bills. You’re getting more calls from collection agencies than you are from the people in your life to whom you actually talk. And did we mention you’re between jobs? How one woman survived in the face of poverty…

5 Creative Raises to Boost a Lousy Pay Increase
If you didn’t receive the salary increase you were hoping for, find out how to ask your boss for incentives to make up for the lack of extra dollars in your bank account.

How Target’s Exodus from Canada Affects the Consumer Space for Other National Retailers
We know you’ve heard the news that all 133 Target locations within Canada are closing, but are they the only retailer with this fate? Find out which 4 retailers could be making their exit next – a couple of them may surprise you…