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Best of Golden Girl Finance: February 2015

We know how it is. You’re on the search for the best (and most relevant) personal finance content on the web, and you’re tired of reading through financial jargon that just isn’t on your wavelength.

Looking for investing tips? We can help with that. Mortgage and real estate advice? We can also help with that. Career tips for this volatile job market? Yep – you guessed it – we can help with that too.

This month’s roundup of the best of GGF will give you insight on how to achieve your goals with ease, how to deal with the cost of rising food prices, and how to give employers what they really want (with a preview into the minds of hiring experts).

Learn about all of these and more, in our 4 golden content picks for the month of February.

Achieve Your Goals with These 3 Golden Rules
Did you know it’s scientifically proven that you can become more successful just by following these simple rules? Find out how you can achieve your goals in 3 steps…

Rising Food Prices? Well, the Kardashian Clan is Prepared
Should you consider taking a few tips from the Kardashians to help offset rising food costs? The plunging loonie and low oil prices mean you’re paying more for produce. Here’s why plotting a garden this spring might be your best idea yet.

Job Interview Coming Up? Here’s a Glimpse into Your Perspective Employers Mind
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could read your interviewers mind? Well, now you can! Ok, not exactly – but we can offer a preview of what a potential employer is likely thinking. Learn about this and more…

Which Makes More – NYFW or the Super Bowl?
Just when you thought the Super Bowl was the mecca of events for profits, we are here to tell you, there’s a new (Hugo) boss in town. New York Fashion Week brings in more money than this one-day sporting extravaganza, and even more than that of the U.S. Open. Shocked? Keep reading to uncover just how the fashion industry does it.