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Best of Golden Girl Finance: April 2014

Ah yes. The ‘best of’ reel. Shouldn’t finding your favourite financial content from around the web always be this easy?

Well, to make your monthly money content intake just that – easier – we’ve put together a snippet of our favourite (or shall we say, golden) content from the past month.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, start-up risk taker, looking to purchase your first home, wanting to retire with $1 million, exploring the idea of expanding your living quarters, or simply trying to understand variable versus fixed rate mortgages, there is a little something for everyone this month – well, actually, every month to be honest.

Not only do we hope to enlighten your financial knowledge, but also make it a tad more relevant and entertaining than plain-old status quo.

So here we go…our content picks as we wrap up the first full month of spring:

First-Time Homebuyers: Are You Saving Enough?
Buying a home may require a higher budget than ever, according to The Canadian Press – particularly for first-timers.

4 Easy Steps to See if You Can Buy a New Home
If all that romantic time together in your first condo has created the pitter-patter of little feet, here are four easy steps to see if you can buy a bigger home.

The Homeownership Mistake That Even High Income Earners Make
Even high-income families who earn in excess of $300,000 sometimes make this mistake – taking on more real estate than their bank accounts can handle.

If Interest Rates Were Shoes…
The mortgage market, like trendy shoe styles, is not the same today as it was 5 years ago, so we compared the two options based on today’s mortgage environment.

How to Double Your Savings This Month
According to a recent study called Saving in Cycles: How to Get People to Save More Money, focusing on that end goal might just restrict your success by as much as half.

How to Retire with $1 Million in 10 Days
Who wants to be a millionaire? You do! So you pull up your bootstraps, tighten your belt, and immediately get to work.

4 Expenses Entrepreneurs Commonly Mistake for Investments
Some costs you doled out might not have done much more for your company’s bottom line than eat up profits that could have been used to buy more coffee.