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5 Questions with CMP’s Top 5 Mortgage Brokers in Ontario – Jim Tourloukis

Every year, Canadian Mortgage Professionals (CMP) Magazine publishes a list of the top mortgage brokers in Canada. In 2011, the submissions were so good that the magazine had to increase their usual list of 50 brokers to allow for 75. The list is comprised of mortgage brokers who voluntarily submit their financial details at the end of the year, in order to be ranked. This week, we are talking to the top 5 mortgage brokers in Ontario and finding out what they attribute their success to.

Jim Tourloukis from Advent Mortgage Services ranked 3rd in Canada, closing with over $230 million in funded deals. Tourloukis actually increased his funded volume by $20 million from 2010, and his Ontario mortgage brokerage of just 3 support staff plus himself is the smallest brokerage to rank in the top 5 in Canada. In this interview, Tourloukis gave us insight on how he achieved his success. His advice: provide exceptional service and keep your promises. Keep reading to find out more.

1. How can you attribute your success to making the Top 5? 

It comes down to providing excellent services. Although this sounds cliché, always keep your promises. We do what we say and we always exceed a client’s expectations. Simple rules to live by but they work!

2. Do you have a niche that you service? 

Not really. We get our clients from multiple sources.

3. What first got you interested in the mortgage business? 

My personal experience with my bank had plenty to do with it. I was unsatisfied with the banks’ services and I thought there must be a better way to do this. If I felt this way, surely a lot of other Canadians did as well.

4. What’s your personal mortgage product?

We do a lot of All-in-One products with National Bank of Canada. It is a great product.

5. Fill in the blank. ‘If I weren’t in the mortgage business, I’d be _____.’ 


To get in touch with Jim Tourloukis, visit Advent Mortgage Services’ website.