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5 Questions with CMP’s Top 5 Mortgage Brokers in Ontario – Jason Singh

Every year, Canadian Mortgage Professionals (CMP) Magazine publishes a list of the top mortgage brokers in Canada. In 2011, the submissions were so good that the magazine had to increase the list from 50 to 75. The top broker list is comprised of mortgage brokers who submit their financial details at the end of the year, in order to be ranked. This week, we are talking to the top 5 mortgage brokers in Ontario and finding out what they attribute their success to.

Meet Jason Singh from VERICO C.O.D. Financial Services Inc. In 2011, Singh closed with over $114 million from 314 funded deals. Singh also ranked 8th in all of Canada, a huge jump from being ranked 33rd in 2010. With only 6 years of experience behind him, Singh has the least amount of work experience of any of CMP’s top 10 brokers. How has he been so successful? His thoughts: by providing excellent service to his clients and surrounding himself with a great team.

1. How can you attribute your success to making the Top 5?

First is my desire to provide nothing but the best service to my clients; they’re the reason my business is able to continue to grow. Without providing exceptional service, a mortgage deal is just a deal. I prefer to make it a seamless, pleasant experience for my clients. I want them to return, not only because of the product (rate, terms, etc.), but also because they were treated as people and not just names on a document. I believe their positive experiences are what leads to more business, in terms of renewals and referrals.

Second, I ensure that I surround myself with a team of hard-working and like-minded individuals. My desire is to provide the best service possible, and my team needs to share my enthusiasm for doing so. Finally, I continue to learn and adapt to changes in the industry. Increasing my knowledge of the industry translates to positive feedback from clients. When a client has a question or concern, I’m able to provide an answer or solution within a reasonable timeframe. I believe this makes the experience that much more positive.

2. Do you have a niche that you service?

No. I service a wide array of clients, from residential, to commercial, to private mortgage needs and more. As long as I continue to educate myself and keep up with changes in the market, I am able to provide the services my clients may need.

3. What first got you interested in the mortgage business?

I was first introduced to the real estate side of the industry. My mom has been a successful real estate agent for quite some time, and seeing how happy she has made so many of her clients over the years was something quite remarkable. I was more into finance and numbers at the time, so I decided that the mortgage industry would be a good option for me. If I could have the same impact on potential clients then that would be truly rewarding.

4. What’s your personal mortgage product?

I want my clients to essentially love their mortgage. Obviously, nobody loves having a mortgage. But I want to be able to help my clients determine which product best suits their needs while providing low rates, and I hope they can walk away knowing that the deal was done in their best interest.

5. Fill in the blank. ‘If I weren’t in the mortgage business, I’d be _____.’ 

Doing something I love. I love my job, and if ever there were a point that I stopped loving it, I would have to move on.  

To learn more about Jason Singh, visit his website or find him on Facebook.