Compare the Best RBC Royal Bank TFSA Savings Accounts in Canada 2021

Are you looking to make maximize your savings and investments? You're in the right place! As a registered savings account, tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) are among the most useful financial tools available in Canada. You can compare the best TFSAs in Canada by using the calculator and comparison chart below.

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About RBC

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the largest bank in Canada and has operations in 38 countries. RBC offers a number of savings accounts with varying rates and support from RBC’s network of branch locations and bank ATMs. This network is the largest across Canada, as RBC offers clients convenient access to accounts through more than 4,600 banking machines and online, mobile, and telephone banking services.

Compare RBC's savings accounts

All insured by CDIC insurance, RBC savings accounts vary from high interest, tiered interest, to basic savings accounts.

RBC Royal Bank High Interest eSavings Account

RBC’s Royal Bank High Interest eSavings Account is an online savings account that offers a competitive annual interest rate. Some main benefits of the Royal Bank High Interest eSavings account are: It offers unlimited online transfers to other RBC accounts, one free withdrawal per month, and has no monthly fee. E-transfers are $1.00 each and withdrawals from external ATMs cost $1.50 per transaction.

RBC Royal Bank Leo's Young Savers Account

The Royal Bank Leo’s Young Savers Account is for children 0 to 19 years old. The Leo’s Young Savers Account includes 15 debits per month and unlimited Interac e-Transfers. At non-RBC ATMs, withdrawals will cost $1.50 per transaction.

RBC Royal Bank Day to Day Savings Acccount

The Day to Day Savings account is designed for those who are just beginning to save. Interest rates are tiered and the highest possible rate earned when balances exceed $5,000. The account has no monthly fee and there’s one free debit transaction included each month. However, individual transaction fees of $2.00 apply in addition to charges for e-transfers and withdrawals from external ATMs.

RBC Royal Bank Enhanced Savings Account

For this account, interest is earned only on balances of more than $5,000, from which the tiered rate begins. There’s no monthly fee for the Royal Bank Enhanced Savings account. Rather, it charges $2.00 for each transaction, $1.00 for E-transfers, and $1.50 for withdrawals from non-RBC ATMs.

Compare other RBC products

You can also find non-registered GICs from RBC in addition to its series of savings accounts.

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RBC offers a number of savings account options. If these savings accounts don't quite match up with what you're looking for, try our savings account comparison tool to see how RBC's rates compare to other financial institutions.

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