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The Real (Money) Talk Podcast

A Canadian personal finance podcast showcasing the real talk on all things money


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What the hell is the Real (Money) Talk podcast? Why is money in parentheses? Well, first and foremost, we aim to give you real talk about exactly that: Money. Personal finance is rife with jargon, with seemingly impossible advice (don’t ever buy a latte; avocado toast is the reason you’re broke) from people who just don’t get it. They aren’t Millennials -- trying to get ahead against impossibly high home prices and seemingly insurmountable debt -- but we are. We may not be experts, but we know what questions to ask of our expert guests to get the answers you need. And we’re here to give you the real talk on all things money.

Who we are

Tyler Wade - guide

He’s married with 2 kids, drives a car, and lives in a 100-year-old home in constant need of repairs in Toronto’s Junction Triangle neighbourhood. He’s an immoral vegan, a bad hockey player, and a coffee snob that knows nothing about coffee.

Hyder Owainati - season 1, ep. 1,2,3, and season 2, ep.2

Hyder is recently married living in an overpriced shoebox of a condo in the heart of Toronto. He walks and uses public transit to get to work. He loves video games, cool watches, and is our resident credit card guru.

Sandra Martin - season 1, ep. 6, and season 2, ep. 3, 5

Sandra is a single mother of 2, living in Toronto's east end. She's the editor-in-chief at MoneySense magazine, a marathon runner, and an excellent cook. Oh, and she can finger pluck the Beatles' song, "Blackbird."

Luke Sheehan - season 2, ep. 2

Luke hails from the UK bringing a world class wit to the show. He lives near High Park in Toronto. He's a husband, a father, a cyclist, a rock'n'roll guitarist, and always in fashion. 

Tara Bolger - season 2, ep.6

Tara is an east coaster at heart, a vegetarian, a dog owner, and a snowboarder. You can find her in the warm sun, with an icey G&T, reading a Gillian Flynn novel or in comfy cloths at night watching the latest Wes Anderson film. 

Season overviews

Season 1

Season 2

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