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Why it’s Never Been a Better Time to Move to Vaughan

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For Canadians who want a taste of big city life, Vaughan is a great place to live. New condos in Vaughan are selling fast, as many are migrating towards Toronto and the surrounding areas. This comes on the heels of a number of new development projects around the city, all designed to make the area more accessible and convenient.

It’s well known that, as Toronto has continued to grow, economic development has not always kept pace. As well, the roadways have become clogged and congested with traffic, and the current public transportation system is not up to par for current residents, let alone the anticipated swell of newcomers.

However, with plans in place to boost economic development through sustainable and eco-friendly growth, and to significantly increase the accessibility of public transportation in the GTA, it has never been a better time to consider moving a home or business to Vaughan.

Economic Development

As the city continues to grow, new opportunities for economic development grow with it. The most notable project is the planned Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is more than just a new development; it is a revitalization of the entire downtown Vaughan area. The project involves the creation of new residential, retail and business spaces, with an eye towards sustainable and environmentally-friendly design. In fact, many of the proposed buildings include plans for green roofs, which are both environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

A green roof is essentially just a rooftop garden, but they do more than simply provide an oasis in the middle of the city. The plants help to draw in carbon dioxide, which reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. Gardens also provide additional insulation for the building it sits atop of, making the building more energy efficient, as well as more affordable to heat and cool.

In addition to new condos, retail and business spaces, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre includes plans for a cutting-edge convention centre, as well as an entire district dedicated to accommodation and entertainment options. Upon completion, new condos in Vaughan will be centrally located around a wealth of new amenities.

Expanded Transit System

An all-encompassing and accommodating public transportation network is key to the healthy development of any big city. At the moment, the GTA is suffering from a lack of quality public transportation options, but this is beginning to change. Metrolinx has undertaken a massive new project, in hopes of remedying the current issues with Toronto’s public transit system. Upon completion, this ambitious project has been designed to dramatically improve the efficiency by which commuters in the GTA can get around.

Metrolinx has already obtained the funding for, and broken ground on, the first of some 50 transit projects planned for the GTA. The new transportation network will be comprised of a variety of different transportation options, including buses, light rails and more underground subway lines. The new additions will be streamlined to allow travellers to transfer between different modes of transportation, or areas of the network, quickly and conveniently. And a uniform ticketing and payment system called the PRESTO card will be integrated to allow for ease in paying for transportation, eliminating the need for cash or exact change.

The expansive project has been dubbed “The Big Move”. Jack Collins, VP of Rapid Transit Implementation at Metrolinx, notes that while it will take time to see this large-scale project through to completion, the final outcome is expected to nearly triple the service capacity of the transportation network, greatly expanding the reach of public transit in the GTA. The project will also help further connect Vaughan to the GTA, giving buyers of new condos in Vaughan a convenient option for commuting into the city. It is also expected to create up to 500,000 new jobs, and there are already estimates that it could add as much as $15 billion in revenue to the GTA.

Both the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Metrolinx’s new transportation network will help boost Vaughan’s economy locally, as well as make Toronto that much more accessible. Upon completion, not only will buyers of new condos in Vaughan be surrounded by all of the amenities they need, they will have an easier time commuting into the big city. If you’re considering purchasing a new condo, look at both of these projects in further detail and decide if moving to Vaughan makes sense for you, your family and/or your business.