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Tired of complex credit card points? Consider Walmart Reward Dollars™

This post was sponsored by Duo Bank of Canada, issuer of the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard®. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are my own.

Have you ever noticed that credit card connoisseurs talk a lot about welcome bonuses and accelerated earn rates but often give little attention to whether or not a card’s rewards program is user friendly?

We all love free stuff and many credit card rewards programs are extremely lucrative, but some can also be quite complicated. What should be a straightforward redemption process can quickly become overwhelming when you start to factor in reward charts, redemption minimum rules, and point values that fluctuate depending on what you redeem for and when. It’s no wonder some Canadians don’t completely understand how to redeem their credit card rewards.

But rewards programs don’t have to be complicated. Case in point: Walmart Reward Dollars. The Walmart Reward Dollars program makes redemptions straightforward and hassle-free so you can do away with calculators and quickly start using your reward dollars to save on your everyday essentials

Walmart Reward Dollars – How it works

Reward Dollars value

Walmart Reward Dollars is the Walmart credit card rewards program. It is an easy program to understand because point values always stay the same regardless of the purchase you make or the time of year, making it simple to calculate.

1 Walmart Reward Dollar is equal to $1 that you can spend at Walmart.

Redemption rules

You can redeem your Walmart Reward Dollars on virtually any purchase at the over 400 Walmart locations in Canada or online at

To redeem Walmart Reward Dollars, you must redeem a minimum of $5.00 worth of Walmart Reward Dollars. That means that the total purchase amount must be at least $5.00 before taxes. If you wish to redeem more than $5.00 worth of Walmart Reward Dollars, you must do so in $5.00 increments.

You can also redeem Walmart Reward Dollars at any time further adding to the program’s flexibility.

In order to redeem in-store at Walmart retail locations, simply insert your card in the debit reader as your payment method and follow the prompts. You’ll automatically see your Walmart Reward Dollars balance and can choose to redeem in $5 increments at the touch of a button.

If you want to redeem your Walmart Reward Dollars online, you simply sign-in to your account and select your Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® as your payment method. You’ll then be able to see the option to “Redeem Walmart Reward Dollars” on the check-out screen in the left-hand column.

If you’re sharing your Walmart Rewards Mastercard with a supplemental cardholder, they can also redeem your Walmart Reward Dollars.

Walmart Reward Dollars are also easy to manage. You can keep track of how many Walmart Reward Dollars you have by checking your monthly credit card statement or accessing your account online.

What can I redeem Walmart Reward Dollars for?

As Walmart is a major retailer in Canada, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to redeem your Walmart Reward Dollars. They can be redeemed on virtually any purchase at the over 400 Canadian Walmart retail stores or online at

You can use your Walmart Reward Dollars to buy almost all of your daily needs like groceries, electronics, household goods, kitchenware and more – the list is big. Note, however, that you can’t redeem Walmart Reward Dollars for actual cash but rather strictly for items you purchase at Walmart or

How do I earn Walmart Reward Dollars?

So, the big question is: how do you earn Walmart Reward Dollars? You can earn reward dollars by using one of two no-fee credit cards: the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® and the Walmart Rewards™ World Mastercard®.

A great feature of both the cards is that you earn Walmart Reward Dollars everywhere you shop – not just at Walmart. And when you do use the cards for Walmart purchases, you’ll earn a little extra.

With both cards, you’ll earn 1.25% in Walmart Reward Dollars on eligible purchases at Walmart retail locations in Canada before taxes, which is the equivalent of 1.25 cents for every dollar spent.

With the new Walmart Rewards™ World Mastercard®, you’ll earn a whopping 3% on your eligible online purchases at before taxes, as well as 1.25% at any gas station (with the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® you earn 1% at gas stations). With both cards, you’ll also earn 1% in Walmart Reward Dollars for all other purchases.

Walmart is offering up to $25 in bonus Walmart Reward Dollars. You get 15 bonus Walmart Reward Dollars after making two qualifying purchases using your card: one purchase at a Walmart store in Canada or online at and one at another location anywhere Mastercard® is accepted (both purchases must be made within 30 days of getting your card). You’ll get another 10 bonus Walmart Rewards Dollars after you sign up for paperless statements.

When you apply, you’ll be matched with one of the two credit cards.  Note that to qualify for the new Walmart Rewards™ World Mastercard® you’ll need a household income of at least $100,000.

Duo Bank of Canada, issuer of the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard®, is not responsible for maintaining or monitoring the accuracy of information on this website.

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