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The Creepiest House in Canada Has Sold!

Back in May, a number of stories circulated the web about how the creepiest house in Canada was on the market – you could even say the story went viral.

“I even got calls from Australia,” said Marc Asselin, a chartered real estate broker with Profusion Realty, Inc. and the listing agent for the Montreal estate.

How did one house garner so much attention? See for yourself.

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Built between 1919-1920 by a Montreal entrepreneur for his wife and their six children, the Victorian home at 6878 St. Denis has remained in its original condition ever since. That’s right – for almost 100 years, none of the 11 rooms were ever renovated, repainted or even redecorated.

As you can imagine, the house was unliveable in this state.

“There were at least $200,000 of renovations to be done, and the foundation was in very bad shape,” said Asselin.

But that didn’t stop potential buyers from putting in their bids. After sitting on the market for more than 17 months, and dropping in price from $715,000 to $579,000, the fourth offer was finally accepted. In the end, Canada’s creepiest home sold for $400,000.

“It could’ve sold for more, but the estate really wanted to find someone who would keep the wood and structure as-is.”

And the buyers – two teachers – are doing exactly that. The house has since been gutted, with the intention of restoring it and then moving in.

Situated next to Montreal’s Little Italy, Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, and only minutes from one of the most well-known food markets in the city, Jean-Talon Market, there is no doubt the restored home will have been a good investment. But how good of a deal did these buyers get?

If the house had sold for its original asking price of $715,000, with a 5-year fixed mortgage rate of 3.39%, the buyers could have looked at a monthly mortgage payment of $3,444 with only 5% down or $2,823 with 20% down.

mortgage payment

By having their $400,000 offer accepted, they are instead looking at a monthly mortgage payment of $1,927 with 5% down or $1,579 with 20% down.

mortgage payment

So, depending on your scare tolerance, you could say they got a spooktacular deal. 😉

While the home is currently under renovation, the owners are still planning on using it to have a little fun this Halloween.

“They are going to do something cool and creepy, so local kids can have some fun trick-or-treating.”

We asked you last year, but feel the need to ask again: Would you buy a haunted house?