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    When your TFSA and RRSP are maxed out and you’re looking to avoid penalties, try two trusty non-registered savings vehicles: high-interest savings accounts and guaranteed investment certificates (GICs). These savings tools don’t have any contribution limits or penalties. And they can help you keep your money safely saved while you wait for more contribution room to open up in your TFSA and RRSP on January 1st.

  • April
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    Isn’t it too soon? Haven’t we spent enough time thinking about tax season?  Why do we have to talk about RRSPs now? That’s supposed to be a January/February thing, isn’t it?

  • September
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    Okay, so you’ve heard about RRSPs and how great they are. You know that they offer some amazing tax benefits and that they’re pretty much essential if you want to maximize your retirement savings. (They’re called … Read More