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Spring Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Home Sell

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While some cities and provinces have already begun to see it, spring is still just around the corner for the rest of us. But the days are longer, the flowers are slowly starting to bloom, and the red hot spring housing market is upon us. If you’re thinking of selling your home this year, there’s no better time than in the spring. However, winter can really take a toll on a home – that’s why it’s important to inspect yours for damage, when the warm weather returns. Here are some simple maintenance tips you can do to help prevent future issues and make sure the interior and exterior of your home shine.


Just because it’s spring, that doesn’t mean you should turn off your furnace yet. Spring is a great time to inspect your furnace filter, and clean or replace it as needed. It’s also a good time to turn on the power to your central air, to make sure it’s in good working order. If you have an air conditioner, you should plan on having it serviced at least every two years. And as the saying goes, “spring forward” means the clocks move one hour ahead. When you walk around the house to reset your clocks, you should take the time to test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as replace any old batteries.

Even if you’re indoors, that doesn’t you don’t want to enjoy the refreshing spring air! You’ll most likely want to open your windows, so you can soak up a little sun and enjoy the cool breeze. But in order to keep the bugs outside, you need to make sure your window screens are in good shape. If you removed your window screens for the winter, now is the perfect time to fit them back into place. If you left your window screens on, you should check them for any tears. Tears are easy to repair – you can purchase a screen repair kit or call a window company to repair them – and will make your home that much more appealing.


Unfortunately, water damage is one of most common (and costly) winter issues that a homeowner may have to deal with. To ensure water stays outside of your house, where it belongs, it’s important to check your rain gutters and downspouts for damage. The perfect time to look for leaks is after a big rainstorm. After you examine your gutters and downspouts, check the foundation for any signs of cracks or water damage. Fixing the foundation can be one of the most costly repairs for homeowners, but it’s better to catch and fix any cracks early on, before they become even worse.

If you have a front porch or a deck, you should also inspect those for any structural damage. If you have flagstone on your front porch, the frost of winter can sometimes cause it to lift. Once the threat of frost is gone, you should inspect and repair your front porch immediately – the last thing you want is for potential buyers or the letter carrier to trip! If you have a deck, examine it for any mold or rotting wood. Finally, spring is typically a rainy season, but when temperatures go above 10°C it’s the perfect time to paint. First impressions are everything – look for anything that may need a fresh coat.

Regular home maintenance is money well spent. Let’s face it: buyers may have access to the best mortgage rates Canada has ever seen, but that doesn’t mean they are willing to buy now and settle for less – they still want to find their dream home. And you’ll want to make sure your house shows its best, before you list it. By taking good care of your house now, you’ll leave the buyer’s home inspector with fewer problems to find, giving you a better chance of selling your house at top dollar.