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Review: Jiffy On Demand Home Service App

Kerri-Lynn McAllister

Last week I was invited to try a new on-demand home service app called Jiffy. App users can order a variety of home services, from painting to snow removal to mobile auto detailing, in under a few clicks.

There are currently 24 services listed on the Jiffy website/app. I decided on a carpet cleaning since I recently tried to do some spot treatments on my basement carpet that didn’t really pan out.

This is how it works:

  1. Sign up (!)
  2. Select a service
    • Jiffy emails you once your job has been picked up and informs you of the date and time along with the service provider and contact details
  3. Enter your address
    • Here you can also add some job details like timing constraints on the appointment booking
  4. Confirm your booking
  5. Wait for a service provider to pick up your job
    • Jiffy emails you once your job has been picked up and informs you of the date and time along with the service provider and contact details

The whole order process was extremely simple and you can pick the date and time you want the service performed. If you want the service done as soon as possible, you select “in a Jiffy.” However, if you select that option you’re not able to pick the time and date and are connected with the soonest available contractor.

I selected “in a Jiffy” and my carpet cleaning job was picked up the next day. Luckily, I had no meetings scheduled and was able to work from home during the appointment. I’m pretty happy with the results and my basement carpet appears to be looking much refreshed. It’s a little unclear how I can leave or view provider ratings, but I would give it a four-star (out of five) rating, which is exactly what they promise in advertising only four-star+ professionals.

Once the job is completed, you’re automatically billed via credit card, which you provide when you sign up. All in all, it was a jiffy! (Come on, the pun is just too easy) In all seriousness, though, the whole process was a breeze and I would use it again. As someone who single-handedly keeps Uber (travel and eats) in business in Toronto, I love to see more on demand services like this popping up that free up more of my time for work or leisure.

If you want to try Jiffy yourself, you can use my promo code “kerrilynn” and get $25 off your first service order. Note Jiffy currently only services the Greater Toronto Area but is expanding its service area later this year. You can find out more on the web and on the App Store.

Happy home fixing!


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