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RateHubber Pro Money Tips: A Facebook Series

Personal finance is a hot topic in the news these days – and there’s a good reason for it. No matter what age category you’re in, you likely have a number of decisions to make around what you need to do with your finances. Millennials, on top of struggling to find work, need to pay down their student debt and start saving for the future. Baby Boomers need to make sure they have enough saved for retirement. And everyone in between is thinking about mortgages, refinances, debt consolidation, insurance policies, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

There’s a lot to learn about money! We know first-hand that the rules are always changing and allowances can be made in all different scenarios. It’s hard to become an expert, or even feel like you have a grasp on it all, but we think everyone should have access to good financial advice. With that in mind, we decided to contact Canada’s personal finance experts and see what advice they could give our readers.

Every Monday and Wednesday, for the next two months, we’ll be sharing a new money tip from a RateHubber Pro on our Facebook page. Among them, you’ll find authors, bloggers and columnists, as well as television hosts and founders of personal finance websites. To find out what Canada’s personal finance experts think you should know about money, give us a “Like”! You’ll never regret having solid advice show up in your news feed.

First up on our list of RateHubber Pros: Author and Globe & Mail Personal Finance Columnist, Rob Carrick.

RateHubber Pro Rob Carrick