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Ratehub logo Recommends: Investing in Condominiums by Brian Persaud

If you’re thinking about buying a property in a metropolitan area such as Toronto or Vancouver, there’s a good chance you are considering a condo. Condos are, after all, a (mostly) affordable entry point to homeownership as well as an attractive investment opportunity to even seasoned investors.

Most condos are located centrally to services and public transit, boast more amenities than you have time to use, and require limited maintenance. Given the size of most units, it would seem hard to ‘screw up’ your selection within your tastes and preferences.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Condos are not homogenous goods with consistent quality and aesthetic specifications, and you have to measure them against some sort of framework.

Brian Persaud, author

This is where author and real estate authority Brian Persaud saw an absence in good narrative on the subject. Taking you through identifying the right market conditions to the final unit inspection, Brian’s Investing in Condominiums:  Strategies, Tips and Expert Advice for the Canadian Real Estate Investor stands alone as a complete guide.

Through a series of guidelines, case studies and expert ‘Tales from the Trenches’, you gain the insight to find the best unit in the best building in the right location at the right time.

Specific and comprehensive, no detail is overlooked: Brian even translates the legal jargon of common builder clauses to language all readers can follow, and provide numerical examples to some of the more complex investment decisions.

Each new concept is followed by a complete checklist which buyers can reference at every stage of the buying process.

As a mortgage site, of particular interest to was the comprehensive outline of the condo financing process, to which there is limited information to be found anywhere – online or in print.

Given the media speculation surrounding the Vancouver and Toronto condo markets, this book could not have been made available at a more timely moment. We hope you will pick up a copy if you’re considering buying a condo in the near future.

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We love this book so much we are giving away a copy to our loyal readers! Further to this, the author has agreed to answer your pressing condo questions. TO ENTER the giveaway, simply post a condo question in the comments section below and Brian will answer it and direct you to the chapter in his book covering the subject. Yes, we have that much faith all your questions can be answered with this book!

Good luck!