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Ratehub to Focus on Lenders and In-House Mortgage Brokerage in 2022

A message from Ratehub Co-CEO, Alyssa Furtado

I wanted to reach out and update our customers on some changes happening on in our mortgage vertical.

As of January 1st, 2022, Ratehub will no longer sell leads to 3rd party brokers. Ratehub will continue to sell leads to lenders, and our customers can expect to find a wide variety of lenders on our platform.

As always, customers will select which provider and rate they would like to go with and, depending on whom they choose, their mortgage application will either be serviced by the staff at that lender or by Ratehub’s own in-house mortgage experts at CanWise Financial. This change does not affect the number of lenders listed in the Ratehub mortgage marketplace.

At Ratehub, our top priority is to pool our million monthly customers to negotiate market-beating mortgage rates from the strongest banks, lenders and funders in Canada. This decision supports our mission of providing the best user experience from online search through to mortgage close. Over the last 12 years of doing business, Ratehub has had many strong and reputable 3rd party mortgage broker partners over the years, and I thank them for their partnership. These brokers continue to offer fantastic service and advice to their customers, and I wish them success going forward. 



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