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Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist for New Condos in Toronto

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One of the first decisions you’ll make before you start looking for a condo in Toronto is whether you want to purchase a resale condo or a pre-construction condo. While we’re passionate about the resale condo market, we do know that buyers are attracted to pre-construction condos for some obvious reasons – the first and foremost being that they are new and have never been lived in. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean a pre-construction condo will be delivered to you in perfect condition.

Pre-construction condo buyers are taken on a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) with the builder, before they take possession. The builder is supposed to guide you through an exhaustive inspection of your unit, and give you a demonstration plus instructions on how to operate all of your home’s systems. And if you’ve been waiting years to finally set foot into your new home, it can be easy to let the newness of everything blind you to what should otherwise be some glaring issues. While TARION, the Ontario new home warranty provider, has an extensive PDI Checklist on their website, we know a few things that should be added to the list.

Our Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist


  • Are there any dents in the walls?
  • Are there any nails or screws sticking out of the walls?
  • Were all of the lighting fixtures installed properly?
  • Do all the light switches work? (Turn them on and off!)
  • Do all the outlets work? (Bring a phone + phone charger and try them all!)


  • Does the faucet run both hot and cold water?
  • Does the sink drain quickly (and with no leaks)?
  • Do the cupboards/drawers open/close properly?
  • Were all the upgrades and options you selected installed? (This is on TARION’s checklist, but it’s an important one to remember!)


  • Do the faucets run both hot and cold water?
  • Does the tub fully drain? (Pooling of water can lead to discoloration of your tub.)
  • Are there any cracks in the toilet? And does it flush quickly enough, and without leaking?
  • Does the vent fan work? (You don’t want excess moisture!)
  • Are all towel racks properly secured?


  • Are the balcony railings sturdy and secure?
  • If the balcony has glass walls, do they also feel sturdy and secure?
  • Is the balcony floor built so water can drain from it?

If you combine our checklist with TARION’s, and your pre-construction condo unit passes the inspection, you should take the keys and consider yourself a happy new homeowner. However, if you notice any problems during the inspection, make sure your builder takes note and commits to fixing each issue. Once the PDI is done and you’ve picked up the keys, you only have 30 days to report any other issues; outside of the 30 days, your builder is no longer responsible for any problems you find.