7 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Jam Michael McDonald
by Jam Michael McDonald August 21, 2015 / No Comments

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I get all my news on there, as well as the occasional witty repartee. (You can see my possibly clever musings @mcjamdonald.) And while we could spend all day surfing the site for updates on Donald Trump or points of interest from Justin Bieber, it’s much better to use the tool for good.

Below are personal finance experts that you should be following, so your browsing time turns into learning time. Savings on the brain is less money down the drain, after all!

Cait Flanders | @blondeonabudget

The previous editor of @ratehub is a personal finance wizard: she managed to pay off $30,000, cleansed her life of the unnecessary expenses, and now tells us her secrets. She also tackles organization, productivity, and other overall make-life-better things.

Rob Carrick | @rcarrick

A columnist for the Globe and Mail, Rob tweets about real-life stuff that we should be thinking about at any age: housing stats, mortgage woes, and savings successes.

Young and Thrifty | @youngandthrifty

Creating a mix of personal finance advice, finance news, and lifestyle fun, Kyle and Justin have an entertaining account to follow, especially for Generation Y-ers.

Barry Choi | @barrychoi

A personal finance expert in his own right, Barry touches on all aspects of personal finance. He also talks everything travel—budgeting, best practices, and beautiful spots.

Jessica Moorhouse | @MoMoneyMoHouses

Jessica brings a good mix of personal finance help and describing her journey becoming a personal finance blogger and expert.

Money on Trees | @Money_On_Trees

Nancy and the team have created an incredibly accessible account that includes DIY projects and simple ways to save money at every turn.

Tim Cestnick | @timcestnick

A heavy-hitter in the personal finance world, Tim writes for big publications about personal finance trends and big ideas across the country.

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