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Mortgage Brokerage Website Comparison: Verico vs Mortgage Architects

As you know by now, we love comparisons, especially when it comes to mortgage rate comparison (It’s kind of our thing).  Lately, we’ve been comparing mortgage brokerage firms and their official webpages against each other. Today, we’ll take a look at the Mortgage Architects and the Verico Mortgage Brokers Network.

The Mortgage Architects are a mortgage brokerage firm made up of mortgage brokers all across Canada. They deal with over 50 lending financial institutions.

The Verico Mortgage Brokers Network is a national network of brokerages that adhere to the networks’ business standards. They have over 160 locations across the nation.


Mortgage Brokers Canada



Verico isn’t a mortgage brokerage firm but rather a network of mortgage brokers, so they can’t exactly post mortgage rates, since each broker will be able offer something different. However, if you input your location on the site, they supply a list of mortgage brokers as well as links to their websites.

The Mortgage Architects is a mortgage brokerage, but unfortunately they do not list their rates either. We do enjoy the simplicity of the site as well as the colour scheme which is we find quite inviting.


Let’s take a look at how their mortgage rates compare:

Rates taken November 09, 2011


Both sites are clean with very little clutter, which makes navigating around them very easy. Also, both sites focus on getting you, the mortgage inquirer, to contact them through the website. We believe the Mortgage Architects supplied a better webpage that supplied useful mortgage information such as a mortgage planning centre and calculators.