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How to Profit in Real Estate: REIN’s™ Renowned ACRE™ Program Reveals the Exact Secrets

Attend ACRE™ Live In Toronto

Thousands of Canadians Have Learned to Take Hold of Their Dreams Even Through Global Economic Uncertainty

Literally millions of Canadians, from beginning and veteran real estate investors to R.E.I.T.s, large and small companies, and even the national media, have relied on REIN to provide an accurate, well-researched picture of what’s really going on in the Canadian economy.

The ACRE™ Program is your quick-start guide to investing in income-producing real estate.

A Sneak Preview of What You Can Expect During this Life-Changing Weekend (April 14-15th, 2012)

Proven, Long-Term Investment Strategies for Canadian Real Estate

Over the past 20 years, ACRE™ graduates have purchased more than $3.4 Billion in cash flow positive real estate — in all kinds of economic conditions. Join us in creating long-term, generational wealth for you and your family.

When & How to Buy For Maximum Profits

Location is important, but TIMING is everything. Successful real estate investors know exactly when to buy and when to sell. We’ll teach you how to spot hidden trends that others miss…and provide you insider information on what’s going on around the country with our Canada-specific market research.

The 9 Analysis Questions You MUST ask Before Buying Any Property

What good are all the answers in the world if you’ve asked the wrong questions? 20+ years of experience go into this presentation that will teach you the information you really need to know… and what’s just filler fluff. Keep this resource at your side and you’ll have the edge in any real estate market!

The Positive Cash Flow Property Ladder

Sophisticated investors have been quietly using this proven system to reduce their risk, increase their positive cash flow, and find properties in both hot and cold markets. An exclusive system usually reserved for REIN™ members only, you’ll get the “inside scoop.”

Advanced Due Diligence

Get our complete Advanced Due Diligence system that will fast become your favorite reference every time you’re considering a deal! You’ll discover “hidden gems” listed in public records that average investors ignore. There are 11 Due Diligence Questions that you MUST ask before buying any property — this presentation will teach you all of them.

How to Be a Sophisticated Investor (whether you’re a rookie or veteran investor)

This strategy will allow you to be perceived by everyone (bankers, joint venture partners, vendors, realtors, event family!) as a sophisticated investor…whether you’re buying your first property or your 100th! The results you’ll see from this will knock you off your feet – and put cash directly into your bank account!

Joint Venture Secrets

Where do you find all the capital you require to buy your investment properties … learn the secrets to attracting all the investment you need to buy as much real estate as you want. This incredible strategy has been tried and proven by investors across the country with amazing results. In fact, one of the latest emails we received was from a grad who had attracted over $650,000 in less than four months…starting from NOTHING! This is an expanded section of the ACRE™ program. Come and learn all the details that have helped Canadian investors raise multi-millions in investment capital quickly, legally, and ethically.

Your Action Plan

Here’s one of the most important benefits you’ll receive from your weekend with us. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a personalized action plan, complete with the exact steps YOU need to take to put your newfound knowledge into work! It’s like having a road map to success. And that’s why we can give such a strong 100% guarantee to our grads!