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Check out our new First-Time Home Buyer Education Center and mortgage video! is so excited to present to you our new First-Time Home Buyer Education Center and instructional mortgage video!

Using the input of industry experts and what you, web explorers, are searching, we strived to answer the most pressing questions posed by first-time home buyers.

Our mortgage education content is easy to understand (no Masters in Finance required) yet comprehensive: from choosing between a variable or fixed mortgage, right down to paying closing costs, we have you covered.

Let Jenn and Chris, the stars of our mortgage video, guide you through the process of obtaining a mortgage and building equity in your home. Watch as they evaluate mortgage providers, rate types, terms and amortization periods, in addition to being introduced to important factors like the down payment minimum and CMHC insurance. Once these decisions have been made, Jenn and Chris start to build equity, with a greater portion of their mortgage payments applied to paying off the mortgage principal, and less applied to interest. If you are a visual learner, this video is a must-see mortgage introduction.

Now, everything you need is in one place. Don’t take our word for it, check it out!