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Best of Golden Girl Finance: August 2014

It’s the end-of-August issue of our money and financial wisdom with a modern voice.

As always, we’re keeping you informed, empowered and entertained when it comes to your finances. Let’s just say this isn’t your mother’s guide to managing and taking charge of your finances. So sit down, grab a coffee, and get ready to learn about what stocks are hot for 2014, how Dolly Parton keeps her relevancy, things you need to consider before buying a condo, what you MUST do before you retire…and just what investment could possibly be more valuable than gold (you might be surprised!).

Here are our 5 golden content picks from August, just in time to wrap up the summer season…

5 Things You Need to Know About Condos
There are many items you should be aware of before buying a condo. Here are the top five most important ones from a financing perspective…

6 Must-Dos Before You Retire
Stay active, sharp, and financially on track in the present, so you can maximize your days of youth to ensure rich results in your golden years. Plant the seeds early – and reap the glowing rewards….

Are Violins More Valuable Than Gold?
This investment could be music to your ears! If your passion happens to be Stradivarius violins, you may have found the rarest thing yet – a growth market for an antique item with awesome returns. In fact, the value of a Stradivari violin has never gone down. For the past forty years, the violins have increased in value at an average annual rate of between 8 and 12%. But, wait, you don’t have millions to shell out? Not to worry. We’ll give you some options you can afford…

In Love with Leon: Stock-Picking with the Billionaire Boys
What are famed investor Leon Cooperman’s favourite stocks for the year ahead? Let’s get down to specifics: These are the dozen stocks Leon currently loves, divided into four categories…

The Secrets to Dolly Parton’s Longevity
How does a brassy, over-the-top diva stay relevant over a 50-year career? Glastonbury – maybe you’ve heard of it? The five-day British music festival is a haven for oh, about 180,000 hippies, hipsters and generally cool people. It’s not the kind of place for a 68-year old, stiletto-and-rhinestones-clad, country singer from Tennessee. Or is it…