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Best of Golden Girl Finance: April 2015

We know how it is. You’re on the search for the best (and most relevant) personal finance content on the web, and you’re tired of reading through financial jargon that just really isn’t your style, and frankly full of financial industry jargon that isn’t relevant to you day-to-day life.

Wondering what the heck all this hype is about alternative investments? Or perhaps you noticed there’s a new lady official out on the NFL field (that’s right) and you’re curious about her story. And what about the fabulous lives of supermodels? Apparently there are some that are still making millions in their retirement years – yes, millions! Nike’s running tights are sure bright and hot looking – but the three lawsuits currently backlogging the cournts? Not so much.This month’s roundup of the best of GGF will surely entertain, enlighten and education you.

Learn about all of these and more, in our 5 golden content picks for the month of March.

What’s it Like Behind the Scenes of Alternative Investments? Deirdre Bolton Explains
As the host of Fox Business Network’s show Risk & Reward, Deidre Bolton sees first-hand a full spectrum of wealth strategies specifically focused on alternative investments. She gives GGF an exclusive behind the scenes look at this $7.2 trillion global market…

4 Supermodels Earning Super-Millions in Retirement
Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, Iman and Tyra Banks. Curious what these four ultra beauties have in common? Let’s just say money, money, money, honey! More than just looks, these brainy women who used to strut the catwalk are making millions in their retirement. Learn how these four are literally still workin’ it.

How the NFL Just Hired its First Female Official
This month, Sarah Thomas became the first full-time female in NFL history – and you won’t believe the media sarcasm that followed the announcement. But regardless of the ridiculous comments filtering through social media, you should know this isn’t Sarah’s only big accomplishment in sports. Learn how she is known for breaking boundaries…

3 Court Battles Nike is Currently Just Doing
That infamous silhouette of Michael Jordan you see dunking a basketball you will likely associate with Nike – but did you know this image is highly controversial.?Find out who’s suing who in a battle of photographic ownership.