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7 of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto for all types of renters

Are you looking for the best neighbourhoods in Toronto to live in? Look no further. We discuss the best areas for young professionals, families, and more.

When you’re planning a move to a new city, one of the first questions you need to ask is what neighbourhood suits your lifestyle. Each neighbourhood has its own unique personality and benefits. In Toronto, there many amazing neighbourhoods from which to choose.

The best neighbourhoods in Toronto are artsy and trendy, scholastic and elegant, and full of options for food, culture and creativity. No matter which of these neighbourhoods you pick, you’ll land somewhere full of amazing people and businesses for you to explore. Read on to discover the best neighbourhoods in Toronto and start planning your next adventure.

Kensington Market

If you’re looking for an active, eclectic neighbourhood that’s going to offer an unique cultural experience, it’s hard to beat Kensington Market. This neighbourhood is bursting with vibrant life, delicious aromas emanating from every restaurant, and there’s a musician on every street corner. The neighbourhood is home to great coffee shops, vintage clothing stores, and bookstores.

Kensington Market is a high-energy part of town, with interesting people always running between organic grocery stores and boutique shops. 

But, if you’re wanting someplace where you’ll never hear your neighbours, this may not be the best choice for you. For art and culture, however, there are few better places in the city.

The Danforth

The Danforth got its start in 1907 as a neighbourhood for Greek immigrants, and it maintains that heritage today. It’s become a long strip of bars and restaurants, most of which are Greek themed. The neighbourhood is active during the week, but on Friday and Saturdays, it really comes alive.

The cultural centre of the Danforth neighbourhood is  The Danforth Music Hall. The hall hosts many popular shows such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, and Dave Chappelle just to name a few. Being on the smaller side, the hall has a lot of charm, and is a really intimate setting to experience the shows close up. 

Depending on how far east on the long strip you live, it could be a longer commute time to the city centre, so if you’re planning on staying there, you’ll need to account for the commute time. 

The Distillery District

The Distillery District got a new life about twenty years ago when a group of developers looked at the collection of abandoned Victorian-era buildings and saw a possibility. They began transforming it into a place where artists and creatives could live and work, blending the neighbourhood into a combination of New York’s SoHo and a European café district.

The Distillery District is bright and bustling during the day, with its many eclectic citizens going about their business. But at night, it turns into a lovely cultured area where residents and visitors can enjoy a nice meal and a drink. It’s a great option for people looking for the culture of the Kensington Market without the loud nightlife scene.

Old Town

If you’re familiar with Toronto’s skyline, you’re probably familiar with the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, BMO tower. But if you head a little east you will find some gems like the flatiron building. It is a beautiful focal point wedged between front and wellington st. in Downtown Toronto. It’s also right beside the St. Lawrence Market. This market, established in 1803, has been ranked by National Geographic as one of the top ten food markets in the world. It’s also in the heart of Old Town in Toronto.

Old Town is full of other gorgeous old buildings and is close to the centre of Toronto. It’s home to many office buildings, so your commute may be very short, depending on where you work. On your days off, you can take long walks down to the nearby waterfront to enjoy the scenery and people watching.

Although Old Toronto is generally a quiet place to spend time, there are times throughout the year when the foot traffic may be overwhelming. You may want to avoid your regular shopping during the annual Christmas Market due to the amount of foot traffic in the area.

Ossington Avenue

If you’re looking for a small, trendy neighbourhood in Toronto, Ossington Avenue is the place for you. This neighbourhood is relatively tiny, comprising just a few short blocks between Queen Street and Dundas Street. But the quality that this neighbourhood packs into those blocks more than makes up for its size.

Ossington Avenue is the ultimate trendy spot in the Toronto West End. There are tons of shops to browse and bars to crawl, and the beautiful Trinity Bellwoods Park is right next door. The neighbourhood is also a foodie’s paradise, with tons of amazing restaurants for you to try.

Some of the residents in the neighbourhood have voiced some concern about the hype of the location. Being a popular area, the streets can get clogged and the noise may keep the neighbours awake until late hours of the night.

The Annex

When you imagine your life in Toronto, if you picture quiet, contemplative afternoons spent on a lawn while wearing a tweed jacket, you need to check out The Annex. The neighbourhood blends  trendy Toronto with age-old scholasticism. You can dive into the history of Toronto there before walking over to the nearby city centre. 

The University of Toronto, the  Royal Ontario Museum, and the Royal Conservatory are all housed in The Annex. You’ll get the energy and modernity of the college students with the museum’s old-world culture and conservatory. With almost everything you need in a few small blocks, you’ll get all the benefits of the city centre without having to navigate its hectic traffic. Bike lanes, as well as the Bloor Subway line Bloor St. make it particularly easy to get in and out of the area while avoiding the traffic.

You may notice that there is a lack of green space in the annex. So, if you are a park person, this may be a nice place to visit rather than live. 

The Beaches

If you want to have the amenities of a city without the concrete jungle, The Beaches is the place for you. The neighbourhood is in the East End of Toronto and the city has everything from entertainment and bars to restaurants and stores to meet all your needs. Barely having to leave the area on a regular basis can make The Beaches feel like its own little city.

The Beaches also makes it possible to live the beach life while still being nearby a city. Popular weekend activities in The Beaches include volleyball, swimming, and sunbathing. And if you need a break from the chaos of life, you can go stroll down the sand and listen to the sound of the water. 

Discover the Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is an amazing place to live with many fantastic neighbourhoods from which to choose. Each offers its own unique charms, from a thriving nightlife to quiet scholasticism. Pick the neighbourhood that suits you and come see what Toronto can offer you.

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