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Announcing the Acquisition of MoneySense by Ratehub Inc.

Here at Ratehub Inc., we are always looking at ways we can grow as a company, to better deliver on our mission of helping Canadians make smart financial decisions. Sometimes that growth comes from within, and sometimes it means looking outside our company to see where we can expand to make the biggest impact on every Canadian’s personal finance journey. It’s with that in mind that I’m incredibly excited to share some news of growth at Ratehub Inc.

Ratehub Inc. will soon be adding MoneySense to our family of companies. MoneySense is one of Canada’s leading online personal finance and lifestyle websites and we are incredibly excited to be adding such a trusted personal finance outlet to our portfolio. MoneySense will be joining and our mortgage brokerage CanWise Financial as a part of Ratehub Inc.

Following this acquisition, MoneySense and will continue to operate as separate brands. This means that you will still be able to find smart feature articles, practical advice and easy-to-follow financial tips on You will also be able to read our usual stream of personal finance news, tips, and advice on the blog.

Our reasons for acquiring MoneySense are twofold. First, we were excited by the opportunity to revitalize one of Canada’s most trusted online personal finance outlets, which has been active for almost two decades. As avid MoneySense readers ourselves, we are determined to continue the website’s legacy of helping Canadians make more informed financial choices. At the same time, we hope to breathe new life into the MoneySense brand by investing in its editorial team, website design, and tools.

Acquiring MoneySense also provides us with a platform to reach more Canadians with the valuable personal finance advice, news, and tools that we’ve become known for.  We’ve already partnered successfully with MoneySense since 2016 to bring our credit card comparison tool to MoneySense readers, so we’re excited to share more of our financial comparison tools with more Canadians!

Around 700,000 Canadians turn to MoneySense each month for personal finance news and advice. By joining forces with MoneySense, we will be able to help more people accelerate their financial literacy and find the best mortgage rates, credit cards, savings accounts, GICs, and insurance products for their needs.

Needless to say, the Ratehub Inc. offices are buzzing over what the new year holds. It feels great to be capping off a successful year with an exciting acquisition, while feeling more committed than ever to our mission to help Canadians make smarter financial decisions. Watch this space for more great news in 2019!